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In the world of precious stones, a ring with a diamond is the materialized wish of one spouse to legalize their relationship than ever before. For those who decided to celebrate this event as it should be, it also brought down a lot of trouble, including the search for suitable wedding rings. Well, someone who wants to preserve all the traditions has to pay a lot of effort.  In any case, Neil Lane wedding rings should fit modern people, as well as traditionalists. If you really want to mark the moment as being a special one in your future life together, then you should better pay attention to the following ideas.

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‘Will you become my wife?’

These words (with a slight change in wording in different languages and with different intonations) are recited every day by hundreds of thousands of potential suitors around the world. Together with a proposal of marriage, the fiancée gets the so-called engagement ring. This tradition is very common and there is no precise definition for the ring which is received by a future bride. Here it is the classical picture: he kneels and says the phrase rehearsed, opening the jewelry box. If she agrees, she says ‘yes’, and wears the lucky ring on her finger. If the answer is no, he will have to return the ring to the jewelry store. (Romeo, make sure you have kept the cashier's checks!)

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Of course, the marriage proposal has many variations. Ingenious lovers come up with very surprising alternatives. The inscription “Will you marry me?” repeatedly appeared on the stadiums’ scoreboards, painted on the asphalt, drawn through the air. The ring does not always appear out of the box. It can be hidden in a flower bud, tied to a balloon, attached to the pet’s collar … Some girls even found the cherished ring in the soup, salad, dessert during a romantic dinner in a restaurant. The main thing with this extravagant proposal is to choose the right course and ask the chosen one to not chew. In general, these original proposals should be carefully considered. And the best – just say the word and get the cherished ring from the box. It is a romantic ritual, not a gala concert with special effects. In any of the cases, the ring is the star of the moment, so you should definitely take some time to find the PERFECT RING.

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She said ‘yes’

What do I do next? Of course, to declare all about your intentions to get married. This tradition has existed since 1215, when Pope Innocent III issued a postulate that all weddings should be publicly advertised in advance in the church. Today, only the bride and groom decide how, when, where and to whom announce their betrothals. This may be a church engagement, cocktail for friends and family, dinner at a restaurant or an ad in the newspaper. On the occasion of the betrothal guests are not obliged to give gifts, but nevertheless it is considered good to offer flowers or a bottle of good wine. At this party, the bride and groom can announce a wedding date or may keep it a secret.

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From the moment of engagement until the wedding day the bride should not be taking off the ring. It is usually worn on the ring finger of her left hand (in some countries – right).  The tradition of modern engagement ring dates back to 1477 when Emperor Maximilian I gave Mary of Burgundy as a wedding gift a diamond ring. Since then, the ring of precious metal (gold and later platinum) with a large gem is considered a classic ring.

Today, the ring of white gold with a large central diamond can be found at many companies, but the best, of course, is Neil Lane. You can choose a ring with a sparkling diamond cut or pear shape or languidly rectangular radiant cut or even emerald cut. The secret of diamonds that have that particular shine is given by the original mount. Neil Lane wedding rings will surprise you a huge selection of rings with a central diamond and various cuts (pave, baguette or heart-shaped).  The craftsmen of this company offer diamond in different colors – for example, a ring with pink and blue diamonds.

Also, if you know your future bride is very fond of antiquities, you r best option is to gave her a vintage wedding ring. This is a broad ring in yellow gold with diamonds, decorated with a large emerald, sapphire, ruby or pearl (an excellent alternative to the central diamond). The impression is that these rings are handed down from generation to generation. It sounds like a very attractive story.

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Thousands of years ago (long before the appearance of the rings), the symbol of betrothal was a strip of strong cloth or leather. The groom just tied the bride's hands and feet, so that she could not escape. We have gone far from barbaric times, so now in love men can ‘tie’ their women with a beautiful ring and sincere feelings, of course.

Finally, the wedding…

And then came the long awaited wedding day – time to put on the finger of your chosen one another jewel ring. A wedding ring is just a circle of precious metal. In most countries, this ring is worn on the ring finger of the left or right hand (depending on the country). One of the most important questions: what to do with engagement ring after marriage? There are several options. You can remove it and only wear the wedding ring, you can ‘move’ it on any other finger, wear it on a chain, or can be left on the ring finger together with the wedding ring. Fortunately, many jewelers have taken care of that so that engagement rings are combined with wedding rings, forming a great duo. As you expected, Neil Lane also offers this alternative.

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Another problem – the problem of compatibility of the ring of male and female – is excellently managed by Neil Lane. This jewelry house created great ‘couples’ of platinum, gold rings and rings of gold in three colors (white, pink and yellow). Platinum and gold rings are available in several designs: simple and elegant or adorned with diamonds or engraved with a specific word or even image. Most of these rings are original and sleek.



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