Nautical Wedding Cakes

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Three is a myriad of new shapes, designs, themes, colors, flavors and decorative elements that one can choose for a perfect dreamy modern wedding cake. But the more possibilities, the more chances of getting confused, overwhelmed and completely undecided in what can make the most suitable wedding cake for a wedding.

But this painful and stressful process of finding the right wedding cake can be simplified if we set the basic coordinates of the wedding – the season, the location, the formality, the theme, the color scheme, the amplitude and the budget.

These are the most important aspects that one has to consider when planning a matching wedding cake. Since most modern wedding cakes of today are deeply consistent with the general line of the wedding and therefore more than simple predictable wedding deserts, the happy couple has to do anything in his power to find a wedding cake that can get in touch with the wedding venue.

One of the most popular desired and appreciated themes for a wedding and for the wedding cake is the Oceanside or nautical theme. It’s not really a must to plan a destination wedding just to bring a charming nautical wedding cake.

Many brides and grooms today who are planning a summer outdoors wedding are choosing a nautical themed wedding cake to complement the natural environment of the wedding set and to surprise, flatter and win the wedding guests. Therefore, if you’re planning a hot summer nature wedding, opt for a superb nautical wedding cake. This theme has a wide range of possibilities in decorating a beach themed wedding cake. But before we get to the decorative part, we should think of the wedding cake’s filling and taste.

Although the looks of a nautical wedding cake are the most important features, you should be concerned on the taste of the cake also, for a more stunning, realistic and unexpected effect. In general, ocean themed wedding cakes are filled with exotic fruit flavors, such as mango, lime, strawberry, pineapple, banana, coconut, blue berry, black cherry, orange or cranberry, French vanilla, chocolate ganache – white, dark or milk, red velvet, liqueur, mocha, espresso or tiramisu.

But fruit compotes make an excellent choice for hot summer wedding, because they are refreshing and cooling. A nautical wedding cake can be frosted in fondant, icing, chocolate or marzipan. Stay away from butter-cream. Although it is more affordable and tastier than other types of icing, it can melt under the high temperatures in a few minutes.

For the decoration part of a nautical wedding cake couples can choose edible seashells, flower blooms, pearls, beads, corals, starfishes, bows, nautical ropes, ribbons, curtains, bandanas, flags, anchors or brooches. Seashell wedding cakes are in vogue in 2010. Paint them in nautical or exotic vibrant colors: navy blue, ultramarine blue, turquoise, pale blue, aqua blue, purple, light violet, pale pink, fuchsia, magenta, ruby, emerald green, lime green, ivory, beige, champagne, cream, egg white, antique yellow and orange, peach, coral or chocolate brown.11

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