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What you have to know about the Muslim wedding dresses? Read this article and find out all the tips that are important. The wedding dresses are specific for every culture. If we take in consideration this dress styles we have to know about them that they tend to honor the belief of Islam through modesty and simplicity. The Muslim wedding dresses tend to vary from country to country but the common feature between them is that all the dresses have head covers and they can be colorful.

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In some of the countries the wedding dresses are the same as the causal daily dresses that are worn in Saudi Arabia or in Iraq. These dresses are called abaya. The differences between the daily abayas and the wedding dresses are the colors. For this wedding abaya the bride can choose between pink, white, blue or other colorful dresses. If you want to make your wedding ceremony personalized you have the possibility to choose between different colorful dresses. In some of the countries are allowed the Western wedding dress styles.

121926 muslim wedding dresses Muslim Wedding Dresses

Muslim Wedding Dresses (Source:

In most of the cases these dresses are made of satin or white silk and they have long sleeves and high necks. In order to add an Islamic style to these dresses they contain a headpiece or a head wrap. You have the possibility to buy the wedding dress that you prefer directly from the Bride Store but it is important to try it before you purchase it. In case that you don’t find in the store a wedding gown which fits you perfectly you can also order a model directly from the network. It is important to feel comfortable in your dress because the wedding day is your best day in your life. Don’t forget to take in consideration the religious aspects that are available in your country.



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