Multiple Wedding Cakes

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Weddings always pose the risk of being repetitive in one way or another. There are the same traditions and customs everywhere. The bride wears a white dress and a rose bouquet, the cake is largely tiered and the floral arrangements have the same nature. This is why our designers are constantly preoccupied with inventing new ideas and themes to use for a unique wedding. Contemporary couples can choose from a myriad of wedding themes and projects. So, you can’t complain that all wedding themes are the same anymore!

You have more diversity than ever before to consider for your big day. This is the most important day of your life and it would be nice to make it feel like the most unique and memorable. The wedding cake is one of the most anticipated elements of the reception. Many pairs of today choose to display the cake during the reception party alongside with other desserts and sweets so that the guests can take a better look at it and take more photographs. Instead of bringing a multi-tiered cake based on a single color or flavor, we suggest you consider using multiple cakes, in a smaller size or course.

Multiple Wedding Cakes

Multiple Wedding Cakes (Photo by: kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop))

This idea is very flattering for the couple who wants more originality and diversity for their wedding and also for the guests who are constantly looking for the novelty! Using more cakes than one is a fabulous idea to begin with when you can’t seem to choose between different flavors, designs and themes. This will surely make your wedding feel more exciting and different from other events your attendants have been to. It’s fun, unique and crazy to have multiple cakes at the wedding! You can choose mini cakes or round single tier cakes displayed in a unique setting. Instead of a large traditional wedding cake, think about having individually crafted petite cakes. The trend of miniature wedding cakes and cupcakes is very popular.

Couples love the idea of using different flavors and themes for each cake or cupcake in part. This also offers more freedom for the invitees to pick their own favorite. You can even send mini cakes as wedding favors to each guest at the end of the party. As you can see, mini multiple cakes can be used as a wedding cake, as guest favors and as decorative pieces. You can display each cake on each table as unique centerpieces during the reception party, or use a special separate dessert table. Get inspired from the colors and flavors of the season and venue when ordering or making the mini cakes or cupcakes. Your wedding cake can be creative and not repetitive if you follow this simple trick. Don’t forget to use various cake stands and plates.


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