Mother son songs for wedding dances

Wedding Party | December 19 2013 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

The dance between the groom and his mother is one of the most beautiful and expected moments of the wedding. To plan it for obtaining an impressive result, you need to pay lot of attention and time, but also the collaboration between mother and her son is essential.
In some cases, the brides-to-be assume the responsibility of planning the entire wedding without professional help. They simple dedicate their time in fulfilling all the wedding tasks asking for some helpful hand from her bridesmaids, her relatives of family. Even that, the responsibility of choosing the mother son song for wedding dance must be assumed only by the groom, because he’s the only one who knows the history of relationship between him and his mother.

Because in the first lines I wrote that collaboration between mother and son is essential, I’d like to underline this idea because you most decide upon a single melody for a dance. That should be a simple problem, so let’s not complicate it. What song do you like to hear while dancing with your mother?

You, as groom, would like to dedicate a melody to your mother, to thank her once again for all her support and advice, you’d like to say her how much you love and appreciate her, or maybe you’d like to recognize her virtues? And vice-versa. There are lots of moms who’d like to cuddle their son once again and to dedicate him a melody. No problem. During time, lots of artists created an amount of melodies with lyrics dedicated to children so you’ll have to choose. But, the initial step is to set what type of melody you’ll choose.

A dedication from mom to son, a dedication from groom to his mom or just a melody which meaning is overwhelming for both of you.

In conclusion, I’d like to offer you some suggestions of mother son songs for wedding dances in the idea that through them I’ll achieve my goal in answering to as many needs: “A song for mama” performed by Boyz II Men, “I am your child” performed by Barry Manilow, “Mama” performed by Traditional Italian, “A wedding day wish for my song” included in “12 songs for the groom and his mom”, “Song for my son” performed by Mickie Vierick, “Mr. Wonderful” performed by Peggy Lee, “The times of your life” performed by Paul Anka, “Through the years” performed by Kenny Rogers, “Mother and child reunion” performed by Paul Simion. These are some suggestions of songs for the mother and son wedding dance. I hope my selection of melodies will fit your needs and you’ll enjoy a magic moment on the dance floor!11

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