Mother Of The Groom Dresses For Outdoor Wedding

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Finding the best mother of the groom dress is one of the most important things the mum’s groom has to do before anything else. Having an idea what are you looking for and finding yourself a nice dress that will be fitted for your body is always a challenge, this is why you shouldn’t stop reading because this article might help you more than you think to find the best mother of the groom’s dress. If you’d like more information on the topic, check out this awesome course we’ve recently released.

If you want to follow tradition, it says that the mother of the groom should wait until her dress will be picked up by the bride’s mother. The most important thing right now is that you have to be sure that you will wear similar outfits, you don’t want to look better than her, but certainly you don’t want to look worse. The idea is that the mother of the groom’s dress shouldn’t be an informal beach one, if the bride’s mother is wearing a true ball gown.

There aren’t many couples that follow the traditional etiquette, so you might have the chance to wear instead of the traditional mother of the groom’s dress, a fancy pants suit. It’s more modern and practical and it gives you confidence. When you pick the color of your dress try to pick one that goes well with the whole wedding theme. Don’t try to be the match of the mother of the bride, you need to be special in your own way, try to go with the wedding colors but don’t go into the other extreme. If the wedding is black and white with red accents and if the bride’s mother is wearing a black dress, you can wear a red mother of the groom’s wedding dress.

You should have a talk with your future daughter-in-law about the wedding’s style. Try to find out how her wedding dress will be and how the bridesmaids wedding dresses will be. You have to be in line with them, but you don’t have to copy them. Imagine 3 cute girls wearing the same wedding bridesmaid dresses and you fitting in perfectly. It’s not supposed to be like this. Be sure your mother of the groom’s wedding dress will be special in its own way.

Also, you should talk to your daughter-in-law and to your son if you’re thinking to wear black. They might take offense by that, so you have to be sure that wearing a black mother of the groom’s wedding dress won’t be a big mistake. Other colors that you should avoid are: off white, white, tan and ivory. While these colors are the ones that the bride will wear you should stick to the other colors that you can find in the rainbow.

Shopping for a mother of the groom’s wedding dress became easier nowadays. You can find what you want everywhere: in bridal shops and boutiques, at department stores and of course online. Take a day, plan a shopping day take a friend or maybe your daughter-in-law with you and go to find your perfect wedding dresses for the groom’s mother.


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  2. Akeyla

    April 13, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    I think I will just go with my mom and my future mother in law to shop for the dress. I haven’t chosen mine yet, so I need a good shopping session and I think that going all three of us will be fun and also very useful. Even if they don’t buy a dress for themselves, at least they will know what I chose and we will have the time to discuss about what they can choose after that. I think it will make it easier for them to make their choices regarding their own dresses then and I just hope it will be a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding and everybody will just get along very well.


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