Mother-in-law Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | November 28 2013 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

When it comes to choosing the most suitable and beautiful mother-in-law wedding dress, some women might feel kind of overwhelmed with all the contemporary wonderful choices existing in today’s fashion. If the mother of the bride has to receive advices and guidance from her daughter in matters of choosing the most matching wedding dress for her, mothers-in-low can only follow their intuition, their personal taste, vision and preferences.

In fact, the mother-in-law has to wait until the bride’s mother chooses her dress, to make sure that both dresses have the same principal formal line and design.

For example, if the bride’s mother decides to wear a ball gown dress, then the mother-in-law should go with a similar style and not opt for a strapless casual beach dress. This way any unpleasant situations should be avoided. But these examples are only etiquettes that only some of the mothers decide to consider them in their cases. Those of you who are hopping to obtain a more fashionable, attractive and unique look can opt for a fancy pantsuit costume instead of the elaborated traditional formal mother of the groom dress.

Besides the similitude to the bride’s mother dress design, the mother-in-law wedding dresses must have similar lengths as those of the bridesmaid’s dresses. Many groom mothers choose to go with the same style and design as the bridesmaid’s dresses, for more coherency and unity. But any variations on the same theme are accepted, as long as the formality aspect is still taken into account.

Ask your daughter-in-law if she can accompany you in shopping for your mother-in-law wedding dress, to make sure that the style you pick matches her tastes, vision and her wedding dress. When it comes to the best colors for mother-in-law wedding dresses, some women choose to go with a contrasting color rather than a complementary one, just to create a more attractive, accented and stunning wedding atmosphere. It all depends on the color-scheme and theme of the wedding.

For instance, if the main color-combination for the wedding is red, silver and yellow, you can opt for a yellow or a silver mother-in-law wedding dress, depending on the mother of the bride’s choosing color. If she decides to go with silver, you go with yellow or vice versa.

Not so many women feel attracted to the idea of wearing a black mother-in-law wedding dress, because it can make them look aging, but it seems that black is making a noticeable come-back among bridesmaid’s dress color options. Avoid any white, off-white, ivory, cream, tan or any other pale colors that can age you or look similar to the bride. To make sure that you’ll find the dress in time, start sshopping earlier, with months before the wedding day.11

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  1. madge

    April 14, 2011 at 8:30 am

    My daughter in law sent me a picture of her wedding dress a few days ago. I knew I have to wait to see her dress before I could buy mine. But your advice in the article is very good and I believe all mothers and daughters-in-law should take it. For me it was easier because I told my daughter in law right from the stat that I won’t choose my dress until I know the theme and I see her gown. I found these two dresses here that inspired me. I like them both, but I have to combine the bodice of the second with the skirt of the first and change the color in pale green and that’s it. I hope I can do this or I will find exactly what I want soon.


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