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Why a mossy oak bridesmaid dress? When you think of mossy oak you thing of camouflage, soldiers, hunting, war, so what all that has to do with a wedding? The wedding ceremony will be in a forest, park, or garden, and you want to camouflage yourself, and match with the surroundings? What are you as a bridesmaid, a soldier of love?
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Your mission as a soldier of love is supervising the entire event, assisting the bride in everything, watching over her. Your pursuit is taking care that everything goes according to the plan. Your mission is to assist the bride in choosing the wedding dress, the decorations, favors, invitation, wedding cake, flowers, that if she doesn’t have a wedding planner, if the bride has a wedding planner, then the mission of a bridesmaid is much easier. This can be a fun experience as a soldier of love.

bridesmaid dress mossy oak Mossy Oak Bridesmaid Dresses

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Now you need a gown suitable for a soldier of love that you are, suitable to be a bridesmaid. I know when you say mossy oak all you can think is jackets, pants, and boots. I never even thought you can have an elegant gown made of mossy oak. If that is the theme of the wedding, if the bride wants that for her wedding, and if she is your best friend of course you will accept and agree if that means to dress in mossy oak.

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If you are stuck with this idea, all you have to do is to find a suitable dress that will compliment you. I know it can be difficult to find an elegant mossy oak dress, almost mission impossible. Too much mossy oak elements on a dress can be overwhelming. Too much camouflage fabric won’t look elegant. Choose two or three colors from the mossy oak, like brown, green, gray, or a little bit of orange, all are natural colors, in the right combination these colors can look elegant together.

bridesmaid dress mossy oak 2 Mossy Oak Bridesmaid Dresses

Mossy Oak Bridesmaid Dress from

After choosing the colors then select the fabric. To give the dress an elegant appearance you can choose satin or silk. The style of the dress is very important. You can find many elegant dresses with mossy oak print on many sites, such as Mossy Oak Dresses at Camo Formal where you will find wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girls dresses, prom dresses with mossy oak patterns. Mossy Oak Dresses at Camo Diva offers many mossy oak camo dresses for elegant events. Camo Dresses at A Touch of Camo is another option. So mission accomplished.11


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