Monogrammed Wedding Cakes

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Nowadays modern couples are passing through a stressful process of choosing the most suitable style, design, theme, color-palette, flavor-scheme, filling, decorative elements and toppers for their wedding cake because of so many unique and gorgeous choices. One of the current themes for wedding cakes is the monogram theme.

A monogrammed wedding cake can be beautifully adorned on each side with the initials of the couple or can have a monogram topper that can make the cake look more glamorous, elegant, fanciful and romantic. For those of you interested in escaping the traditional wedding cake topper of the classic bride and groom figurines and the birthday cake style and aspect can opt for a beautiful, unique and fashionable monogrammed wedding cake.

There are many styles of monogrammed wedding cake designs that you can choose from. They are all stylish, dainty and brilliant. The only thing that differs is the way you choose to write the initials. Among the most popular types of monogrammed wedding cakes are those initials shaped or closed in a heart figure. Heart monogrammed wedding cakes can contain different messages, not only the couple’s initials, such as “L.OV.E” or “I do”. Usually couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary choose a monogrammed wedding topper for the cake to mark the years that passed through their love and only made it stronger. Depending on the style, location, amplitude and theme of your wedding, you can choose from various types of materials for monograms: acrylic, aluminum, golden, platinum, silver, glass, ice, plastic, porcelain, metal, Swarovski crystals, beadings, pearls, diamonds, rhinestones, precious stones or edible chocolate.

Only you can decide how glittering and shiny you want your monogrammed wedding cake to look like. Those of you who want to reduce significantly the costs of a monogrammed wedding cake and save some money for the wedding budget can choose to make their own monograms to place on the cake. The ingredients or materials that you can use are chocolate, stenciling, modeling paste, wood, royal ice, beading, or pastillage. Before you start creating your own monograms for the wedding cake, try some fonts, styles and sizes for the letters you want and decide over the most suitable ones. Print out the monograms and use the template to create real monograms of butter-cream, chocolate or royal icing.

A very unique, unconventional and fashionable type of monogrammed wedding cakes is the cupcake wedding cake. Don’t dismiss the idea thinking that mini or cupcakes are too small to be decorated or topped with monograms. Use ice, melted chocolate or butter-cream to create the monograms directly onto the cupcakes. If you’re not convinced with this idea, browse for a few photos of monogrammed cupcake wedding cakes and see how romantic, appetizing, sweet and delicate they look like.11

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