Monarch Butterfly Wedding Cake Toppers

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When you decide that your wedding to have a theme as the season in which takes place, there are no limits in terms of decorations and accessories of such an event. You just have to look carefully around you and let your senses to capture what nature has to transfer to you. Relax, enjoy and remember the only rule is to use for your wedding decorations and accessories of fall and only what you love and in the big day, you will feel like is the most beautiful autumn in many existed.

Monarch butterfly wings are reddish-brown with black veins, on the wings are two rows of white dots. A butterfly with open wings is up to 10 cm wide. The male can be distinguished from females by the curvature of the wings, the male wings have sprung up, while the female down. A similar species of butterfly is the  “African monarch”. An unique decoration for a fall wedding can be a monarch butterfly wedding cake topper. The monarch butterfly, is a large butterfly, orange and black, mostly found in North America. The monarch butterfly begins its life as an egg made by a female adult on a leaf.

Regarding the central table decoration can be as elaborate or simple as you want. Whether you use arrangements with dried flowers and fall leaves, whether you opt for a large water bowl, decorated with gold ribbon and leaf-shaped floating candles, the effect will be guaranteed. Autumn will sit with you at the table! If the wedding will take place outside, I’m sure nature will give the contest and will help you have a dream wedding theme. You can use for decorating the exterior large basket-shaped horns of abundance that fills them with seasonal fruit, flowers, branches of  vines and wheat ears. For lighting use several big candles in golden media or in pies. The testimonials that you will give to the guests must be part of the fall wedding theme. Think on this purpose to provide candles in the shape of leaves, acorns and grapes, keychains or bookmarks in the form of rust or gold leaf, or even small soaps in the form of small flowers, leaves, acorns and seasonal fruits, packed in rusty boxes.

An autumn wedding cake it must follow the color scheme of your wedding and brings an autumnal flavor at the end of the party. Whether you choose to decorate the wedding cake with flowers and natural leaves or marzipan, try to pick a color and a design in keeping with the wedding season. Bakers can create anything that you ask, provided to be explicitly. Butterflies are special and can create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests. So choose a monarch butterfly as a wedding cake topper and include them also in the decor of the wedding hall.

Some green candles strategically placed on the table, not only will give more color, but will constantly remind the wedding theme – nature. Also, organic cotton may be the ideal material for the table napkins, and if you want  to impress more your guests, try to band these napkins with some fresh grass yarn. The effect will be guaranteed! Even if it seems extravagant, such a “green” wedding not only supports the return to nature, helps to protect the environment and pass this message on. Regardless of how you organize your wedding, finally, do not forget to not waste materials, not to throw garbage at random, and use, wherever possible, natural materials.11

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