Modern Split-Shank Wedding Rings

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These fascinating rings that we’re showing here can make excellent choices for the modern brides who are planning a more sophisticated type of wear. If you’re still searching for the ideal wedding ring that you can buy for your extravagant wear you should stop at these beautiful modern split-shank wedding rings that we’re presenting here and see whether you can choose something appropriate and adequate for you and your lifestyle.

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The split-shank design usually features two bars, but it can also contain three or even four strands that meet in the crown of the ring. This style can be embellished with all kinds of diamonds and elaborated patterns on the band and bars, depending on the formality the designer envisioned for the ring in the first place.

The intricate designs are usually recommended for the sophisticated brides who prefer something more extravagant, elaborated and outstanding. The filigree patterns are also often designs used in general for the antique inspired wedding rings, but these styles that we’re presenting here are modern and fitted only for the contemporary brides. However, these precious designs can also fit the classic brides who want to wear something refined, sleek and stylish.

The first design features a three stone pattern and it can suit perfectly the brides who are not satisfied with the way a solitaire diamond ring looks like. If you can’t settle for less and you want something more eye-catchy and rich, you should definitely choose this 3 stone design. All three diamonds are cut in round brilliant shapes, only the central stone is larger than the other two side stones. The second modern split-shank wedding ring that we feature on this page is also beautified with a round diamond, but the split bars are designed in a more artistic style. Although the bars are also accented with pave-set diamonds, they also feature a swirling design that resembles a braiding style used in general for simple bands.

The third ring design from here looks even more impressive, rich and sophisticated because the central stone is larger and the bars follow a criss-cross pattern. We have many posts written on both vintage and modern split-shank wedding rings on our website. In case you want to see other similar designs, you should definitely browse our website for the other articles that we have on this subject. Tell us which of these precious models you love the most!11

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