Modern Greek style inspired wedding dresses in Miami

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Nowadays the majority of the modern brides are interested in beautifying their bridal look with a more unconventional and out of ordinary exceptional wedding dress.
It seems that most wedding dress inspirations come from the past, from ancient times or from the vintage old era times. This is how we end up seeing and finding all kinds of Celtic wedding dresses, Victorian wedding dresses, Retro wedding dresses, hippie wedding dresses, Bohemian wedding dresses, Edwardian or antique wedding dresses, Egyptian or Greek style wedding dresses. All these styles are now incorporate din modern wedding dresses for the contemporary bride to adopt and wear on the special day.

It’s more important than ever to plan an extraordinary unconventional or unusual look for the wedding just for the bride to be able to differentiate herself from the rest of the brides.

If you are not the strapless wedding gown kind of bride, perhaps you would like more to wear a modern Greek style inspired wedding dress with beautiful asymmetrical one shoulder or high necks. If you are from Miami or if you’re planning a Miami Beach wedding, perhaps this style or a Bohemain style can work out perfectly! We get to see more and more one shoulder Greek inspired wedding dresses worn by the destination brides.

So, if you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the contemporary brides, and really rock on your Miami wedding day we recommend you this type of wedding dress. The flowing design, the light-weight materials, the simplistic and chic lines, the provocative unpredictable cuts and the subtle details, embroideries or jewelry appliqués make the modern Greek style inspired wedding dress look incredibly mesmerizing, fascinating and ravishing. Any beach or island bride should opt for a sensational and feminine modern Greek style inspired wedding dress and plan a marvelous seductive bridal look.

For a seaside or ocean side wedding is not important to look very pompous, voluminous, elaborated, thick or dramatic and formal.

Keep it real, keep it simple and clean, unsophisticated and coquette and see how wonderful your look is going to be. There is no way you’re going to fail with this type of wedding dress. We’re sure that you find it attractive, modernly romantic, delicate, refined, classy, select and totally elegant and therefore suitable for a wedding day.

The vast majority of these dresses come with high waist like those empire waist styles, where the full length, the high neck or the asymmetrical straps and in some cases pleated draped bodices and skirts make the most of these stunningly spectacular designs. You can go with a cream modern Greek style inspired wedding dress, ivory, ecru, eggplant, peach, pearl gray or gold modern Greek style inspired wedding dress if you want to make a real statement on the day.

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  1. Lucy

    December 25, 2010 at 4:46 am

    Who wants to feel like a goddess on the wedding day than this style is the most appropriate. I like the Greek style and this combination of the ancient with the modern is a very fortunate one. All the designs are elegant, they all look very comfy and at the same time they make the woman look like she’s floating. The lines are modernly cut, but in such a way that they remind of the ancient Greek lines of a dress. I especially like the one-shoulder wedding dress,a s I believe it to be the most Greek of them. The second that I like more and that fits this style is the neckline one, with no sleeves, that has that silvery accessory in the design. It’s an amazing wedding dress, too. Really, you posted great models here.


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