Modern Bridal Hair Styles

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Whether we like it or not, wedding trends are constantly changing. What it’s hip today can be considered old-fashion the next day. This is why it’s risky to trust the current tendencies. It’s safer to opt for a traditional style but the classic look might not be on the taste of a modern bride. When it comes to wedding dresses, headdresses, shoes, makeup and hairstyle, the contemporary bride is only interested in unique ideas. She doesn’t want to follow the same old path and obtain a conservative bridal look. She wants exclusivity for her wedding day and it’s only natural to have this desire. When it comes to wedding hairstyles things are more difficult to handle.

No matter how creative a hairstylist is, the options are always fewer than in other fields. There are a few standard ways to arrange the hair of a bride and other funkier hairdos that are also limited. The thing that always makes the difference is the bride’s face configuration, silhouette and type of hair. The color of your hair can also help you obtain a unique look compared to other brides of the same age and hairstyle. The truth is that no two brides are alike, although they have the same makeup or hairdo. But you can’t count on that when selecting your wedding hairstyle. This day deserves the best from you and this is why you shouldn’t settle for less. You can take a classic hairdo and update it to suit your personality and modern wedding.

Modern Bridal Hair Styles

Modern Bridal Hair Styles (Photo by: Faylyne)

Our hairstylists are able to take a traditional hairstyle to the next level of uniqueness and make it more personalized for you and your big day. The way you choose to wear your hair at your wedding speaks of your individuality and creativity. So, make sure that the hairstyle you pick is the real image of you and your preferences. You can go for a simple sleek updo and never fail at this point. Or, you can select tumbling curls for a classy romantic look. These are timeless styles that always look successful. Upswept hairdos are elegant selections for any bride. Believe it or not, there are women who have never worn their hair up. In this case, it would make a big difference to try a loose updo for your wedding, don’t you think?

Choose a bun re-imagined if you want a classy yet trendy look for your ceremony. Neat buns are timeless choices for brides, but add a twist to it to modernize it. The trendy style is based on loose buns with wisps of hair left hanging around their temples. Side-buns are also more adequate for 2012 brides. Loose and textured, down and straight – these are other creative ideas for 21st brides.


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