Modern and Refined Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | December 28 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Those of you who fans of the Peter Langner bridal style will surely fall in love immediately with these sensational, modern and refined wedding dresses presented in the photos below. This couturier can really read the mind of contemporary women and it is capable of providing them with everything they need for the big day, and that is: sleek, luxurious and glamorous refined wedding gowns.


We personally think that a modern bride finds it harder and harder to choose or to make the final decision when she has so many options and they are all unique and distinctive in their own way! It can be even more stressful and overwhelming to have to make the final selection when it comes to picking a bridal fashion designer to make your wedding dress or to choose from his collections.  We always recommend or advise the indecisive brides to pay more attention to the exact style or approach that each couturier makes with his creations and see whether his style can or not match with their own individual style, with their personality or with their vision of the perfect dreamy wedding dress for them.

There are thousands of bridal couturiers who make stunning wedding gowns especially for modern or for traditional brides. Therefore, you just have to make your pick considering all the important aspects of the wedding you’re planning, but mostly of your own identity. Every bride – regardless of her social status, cultural background, budget or age must find a wedding dress with which she can identify with. It’s absolutely pointless to buy a too pompous and elaborated wedding dress if your personal style is nothing similar to it. Nevertheless, you know better and you don’t really need our suggestions!

We are convinced that in your complex and rich heart you know exactly what to look for and what to pick for your sensational wedding. In this article we are happy to show you a few of our favorite wedding dresses designed by Peter Langner for one of his remarkable 2010 bridal collection, hopefully you will find something matching on this page.

If we are to describe or define this couturier’s original style in creating his beautiful dresses, we would say that his designs are always refined, delicate and absolutely elegant. We would recommend this designer to brides who want to look sensual, attractive, feminine and glamorous without wearing a too extravagant, ostentatious or highly elaborated gown.

These styles are for modern brides who are interested in feeling comfortable and special on the day and look sleek, romantic and modern without exaggerating or crossing the line with a too pompous and excessive type of design. These modern and refined wedding dresses can make the perfect selection for women who adore simplicity and the chic look that follows!11

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  1. Tawny

    January 01, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Great dresses here. All of them. I especially like the fabrics used. I can’t really tell whether it’s silk or satin but it’s the type of fabric that makes a woman feel sexy and important. It’s that kind of fabric that makes it possible for every girl to think she is a princess or something when wearing it. I also like the simplicity of the dresses, their elegance and the subtle touches that make them so sophisticated when they are so simple. For example, the little back buttons of the second dress or the veil that covers the back of the first dress. But these dresses can be worn only in very elegant and sophisticated settings, only indoors and so by those women who can afford all that.


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