Miss Piggy & Kermit The Frog Wedding Cake Topper

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Muppets puppets will come back next year in theaters, the comedy “The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time “, which will be released by Walt Disney on November 23. So if somehow you’ve scheduled the wedding date at this time and you enjoyed since childhood the comical characters of these cartoons, you can choose a special wedding cake topper with Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog.

The story behind the dolls Muppets began more than half a century, when Jim Henson, then a student at a college of art, created the puppets that appeared in the television show “Sam and Friends”. Passionate since young by TV shows like this, Henson said first television appearance in the family was “the most important event of his adolescence. ”

The characters of “Sam and Friends”were forerunners of the Muppets. The word “Muppet”began to be used in 1956, and Henson said that he created by combining the words “Marionette” (puppet) and “Puppet” (doll) because the word had acquired a good-sounding. The show “Sam and Friends” included a prototype of Henson’s most famous character: Kermit the Frog, introduced in 1955. Until his death early in 1990, at only 53 years, Henson was the voice of Kermit the Frog and puppeteer as well. The first Kermit puppet was made from a greenish jacket for women that Henson’s mother had thrown in the trash, and two ping-pong balls for eyes. Kermit‘s identity has not been established at the outset: the public perceived it as a kind of lizard. Only later, in 1969, the TV series “Sesame Street” to Kermit was added a collar of frog.

In “The Muppet Show”, a series of mid-’70s, Kermit is the host of the show. As manager of the theater play, he tries to keep order amid the chaos created by other characters. Over time, Jim Henson was often identified with the character created by him at one point said that the task of Kermit in the show looked like to his pretty much “trying to determine a group of crazy to do the job” . On the other hand, he admitted that his alter ego Kermit was more daring than he ” he can say things that I prefer to abstain from, ” told Henson.

In “The Muppet Show” appeared joke appellant’s harassment of Kermit by a female character, Miss Piggy. If the frog was a kind of voice of reason, Piggy slightly “gets out of her melons”, and has suddenly become angry outbursts of violence if it seems that someone was insulting her. She is convinced that her destiny is to become a superstar and that nothing will stand in their way. When is not the aim of the Piggy‘s anger, Kermit is smothered with her kisses and hugs. So if you enjoyed the story of the Muppets and you want an original wedding cake topper, then use a Miss Piggy & Kermit the frog wedding cake topper.

Miss Piggy grew up in a small town in Iowa. Her father died when she was young and her mother was not too good with it. She had to participate in beauty contests to survive, as do many single women. It is very sensitive and wants to conceal vulnerability because it wants to become a superstar, “said Frank Oz, Piggy‘s puppeteer. Moreover, shaping on the course of the biography of these dolls has been a feature of the Muppets: In various episodes, or TV shows, puppets also revealed various incidents from their past. Also, the character forms with the puppeteer, as the man develops the voice and the personality of the doll.11

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