Milk And Honey Wedding Favors

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When it comes to choosing your wedding favors you have to first take into account your wedding theme. Based on it you will be able to find some interesting favors. The prices depends on the store you buy the items and it depends on what kind of items you decide to purchase. Most couples like the idea of choosing edible wedding favors. They seem to be much more appreciated by the guests. You can opt for some cupcakes, chocolates or even some candy.

Deciding on the flavors of the favor is also very important because the taste will always remind your guests of your wedding day. So make sure to choose something very tasty. For instance if you are planning to opt for some candy you can choose some caramel ones or some milk and honey flavored candy. Then you can buy some unique containers and even personalize the candy. You can also add them in some gift boxes or maybe in some pouches. If you and your husband really love milk and honey combined you can also add these flavors to your cupcakes.

143461 milk and honey wedding favors 2 Milk And Honey Wedding Favors

Milk And Honey Wedding Favors (Source:

They should also be decorated with some interesting items like some flowers or maybe some edible bee figurines for instance. There are different stores where you can get these comical figurines. This will give your edible wedding favors a very unique look. Instead of edibles you can also give the guests some scented milk and honey candles which can also be personalized. You can engrave the candles with a romantic quote or maybe a wise one about life in general.

143461 milk and honey wedding favors Milk And Honey Wedding Favors

Milk And Honey Wedding Favors (Source:

The candles are not pricey and you can find plenty of candle stores online. Choose your favorite shapes and colors. Always take into account the theme of your wedding and of course the colors that you used for this concept. Find some bows and some containers in which you can add your wedding favors. Their display is also very important. Make sure that you estimate the total costs and see which is a better choice for you when it comes to your wedding mementos.



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