Mid-length Dresses For Wedding

Wedding Dresses | May 31 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

If you were invited to a spring or a summer outdoor wedding event you should definitely opt for a guest mid length wedding dress. In general, warm season weddings make the ladies show off their stems, arms and necks, by wearing all kinds of short, casual, simple, comfortable and stylish chic wedding dresses.

Why wear a pantsuit or a too heavy-weighted, elaborated, voluminous and layered dress when you can opt for a light, easy, practical and natural sundress! Among the most popular types of mid length dresses for a wedding are those that end up just below the knees – tea length or just at the knee – knee length wedding dresses. Female gusts can easily put on one of these informal and yet elegant, stylish and dainty dresses and have fun, breathe properly and move easy.

The most important thing when going to a wedding is to wear a comfy dress that can make you feel confident, comfortable and practical. These are the main features of the modern guest dresses for a wedding: the simplicity, the naturalness, the practicality and the comfort. But compared to all short guest wedding dresses, knee length or mid length dresses are the most dainty, classy, stylish and chic. They work great for both casual and formal wedding affairs. Not too short and sexy and not too floor sweeping and dull, a mid length dress for a wedding in spring or summer is perfect for any type of body shape. If you are a petite lady and you want to look at your best on the wedding event, opt for a mod length sundress with a ballerina skirt or an A-line skirt.

These lengths and shapes are perfect for retro, classy, dainty and vintage themed wedding. If you have a more corpulent body or a full figure, opt for a mid length dress that has an empire waist or one shoulder neckline. The skirt should be slim and straight, and not too voluminous, layered or elaborated. This way all the attention will be redirected towards the upper side of your body, and not on the stomach area or on the hip line. There are many styles and designs in necklines of mid length dresses for a wedding. The most popular and trendy ones include an off-the-shoulders neckline, a high neck and a low bare back, a halter neckline, a strapless sweetheart neckline, a spaghetti strap neckline, a V or a round simple neckline.

You have to choose the one that suits best your body shape and your personality. As for the fabrics, opt for something more flowy, breezy, light-weighted and woolly, such as organza, duchesse satin, crepe, damask, illusion net, georgette, batiste, chiffon, rayon, gauze, cotton or silk. Keep in mind that vibrant or pastel shades are in vogue right now, so opt for lime green, ivory, beige, pearl gray, light violet, pale pink, peachy, bronze, silver, gold, fuchsia, scarlet red, tomato red, butter yellow, navy blue, olive green, orange, aqua blue, purple or chocolate brown.11

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  1. Claudia Reggins

    February 21, 2011 at 4:51 am

    Good article. Inspiring. At least for me. I don’t know what to wear when it comes to weddings. It’s because I don’t like going to weddings and I so seldom do it. But for this one I am going to attend I have no escape. I have to be there. Fortunately, the bride gave lot’s of details, in a few words of course, about the theme of the wedding and the wedding in itself. For example, it’s going to be a daytime casual wedding. The church I know, it’s something small and intimate, so it requires something decent anyways. I also know the location of the wedding reception and the garden there is very nice and full of roses. And the theme is summer, pretty uninspired, but hey, it’s summer anyways. So this article was helpful.


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