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The custom of exchanging rings at weddings has an obscure origin. The meaning of this old practice is to show that the bride and the groom share their love and are ready to start a new life together. It became a golden rule that married women should always wear their wedding ring, in order everyone to know that she is no longer free. The same principle applies in the case of married men, too.
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A very charismatic and worldwide known couple, Barack and Michelle Obama, seem to display nothing but mutual love and respect, ever since they became the presidential couple. Nothing bad to say about this, though, the first lady appeared in public, on the president’s inauguration night, wearing a big diamond and platinum ring instead of the symbolic wedding band. As we all know, Michelle Obama is highly appreciated for her look and outfits. Therefore, she pays attention at every appearance in public. These means impeccable aspect and perfect matching outfits and accessories. So, it looks like her wedding ring paid the price for beauty, and most fashionistas would agree with the first lady on this one. Luckily for the presidential couple is that through the time they didn’t give away any conflicts in the public eye, that is why Michelle Obama’s ringless finger could be considered a sacrifice for fashion’s sake.

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Not as lucky as first lady were Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. Jennifer Lopez was seen at the Golden Globes without her wedding ring. Rumors had it she intended to divorce Marc Anthony.  J.Lo denied this, saying that every time she’s not wearing her wedding ring people speculate that she is getting divorced. The reason why she left her ring home was, as she says, that it didn’t go with her dress. Besides, she and Marc Anthony never considered divorcing a solution.

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Madonna appeared at a New York film premiere without her wedding band. Needless to say, that in her case too, the media spread rumors that her marriage with Guy Ritchie was in trouble. In order to dismiss this information, the pop star’s representative, Liz Rosenbery, explained that Madonna has rarely worn her wedding ring during her marriage with Guy. Apart from this, the couple later split up, after a 7 and a half years marriage. They asked the media to respect their family’s intimacy at those difficult times. But now, Madonna is over her relationship with Guy. She has a new boyfriend, who is, by the way, 29 years younger than her.

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To a limited extent, people say that no matter what outfits you wear, or where you go, the wedding ring should always find its place on the middle finger of the left hand. It symbolizes the continuous connection between the husband and his wife.

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Though Michelle Obama omitted wearing her ring, people didn’t have a very strong reaction to this incident. She gained people’s respect by behaving very naturally and by supporting her husband in everything he does. This deserves indeed our appreciation and should be considered a model for every marriage.11


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