Medieval Wedding Dresses

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In this article you will find some information about the medieval wedding dresses. If you want to personalize you wedding day, this is the best way to conjure a medieval atmosphere. You have to know about the medieval weddings that the bride and the groom saw each other only on the ceremony’s day. In the past the brides must wear wedding dresses that were allowed by the sumptuous laws. Nowadays, the most commonly worn wedding dresses are white but this habit became popular since the Victorian Age.

121351 medieval wedding dresses 2 Medieval Wedding Dresses

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If we take in consideration the medieval wedding dresses we have to know that they were as colorful as the family can afford it because the dyed fabrics were expensive. As brighter was the fabric as expensive was the wedding dress. The most commonly worn dresses were blue which symbolizes the bride’s purity. The bold colors were related to the bride’s happiness. The wedding dresses were made of different fabrics including satin, silks, velvet and others. In order to impress the guests, the brides wear dresses which were copied of the brides from a higher social class. If some of the brides don’t afford to purchase an expensive wedding dress, he has the possibility to make their own dress of fine wool or linen.

121351 medieval wedding dresses Medieval Wedding Dresses

Medieval Wedding Dresses (Source:

About the accessories you have to know that at the royal weddings the most commonly worn embellishments were made of emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls or other gems. In case that you want to conjure a medieval atmosphere to your wedding you have the possibility to find on the Internet different wedding dress styles which are perfect for this event. In case that you have negative experiences with the online shopping you can also try to find a wedding dress which fits you perfectly in different Bride Stores that are available in your location.



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