Medieval Wedding Cakes

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Any modern wedding cake topper can reflect the personality, vision and taste of a bride and a groom or it can easily express a hobby, a favorite preoccupation, object, movie character or cartoon personage, an ideal, a scene or a specific theme.

More and more modern couples are choosing to have a personalized wedding cake that can make a statement on their wedding day. Not only a sweet dish, the wedding cake has managed to reach the standards of a piece of art, of a creative and inspirational edible artifact. The modern wedding cake must definitely be able to evoke a certain feeling, current or period of time, to create a surprise among the wedding attendants. Therefore different eras and century artistic currents are incorporated into wedding cake designs to create a more stunning, dramatic, exciting and non-conventional effect.

The Medieval wedding cake is one of the many unique and creative themes for a wedding desert, especially because it is able to revive a lost period of our lives. A Medieval wedding cake is considered to be one of the most romantic, beautiful, charming and stylish centerpieces that brides and grooms looking for a fairy-tale wedding prefer.

Whether you are choosing an old castle, cathedral, ball room, prince and princess figurine toppers, crown, dragons, knight, shoes, horses, carriages, unicorns, stars, hearts, Celtic crosses, Claddagh toppers or any other matching figurine topper or decorative elements that can express the beauty and symbolic feel of medieval times.

A Medieval wedding cake is perfect for any whimsical or fairy-tale wedding theme or location, such as for outdoors weddings, somewhere in a botanical renaissance garden, for a castle or cathedral wedding location or for a more royal, princess style and Disney themed wedding.

Historical, romantic and classic wedding cake themes and toppers are gaining more and more popularity among contemporary brides and grooms who want to create a pretty noble, artistic, charming, enchanting, elegant, stylish and high-class wedding atmosphere. Love for the renaissance artistic and cultural period can be a very good reason to choose a wonderful medieval wedding cake topper for the big day. To complement a renaissance wedding theme one can use any specific and inspired food menu, clothing, location and decorative elements.

For those of you who wish to create a more rustic, country-styled beauty wedding atmosphere can always choose to decorate the medieval wedding cake with wild flowers or silk flower motifs. Among the most popular and suitable materials used to create a Medieval wedding cake toppers are the blown glass, pewter or ceramic.

A very interesting, fancy and unique way to obtain a splendid and unforgettable medieval wedding cake is to decorate it with faux ivy. Mosaic medieval wedding cakes are also amazingly beautiful and unique for a elegant and sophisticated wedding and you can obtain this look using small squares of artistic and colored candies.11

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