Medieval wedding cakes

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Every bride has a different conception about the dream wedding. Some young brides dream of a fairytale wedding with elements of other vintage-style wedding, others a winter romance. As each woman is different, as well as weddings, brides should follow every fantasy. Powered fascinated by the Middle Ages, with all symbols of that period, they can plan a wedding in a medieval style. Medieval style elements can be successfully incorporated into almost any wedding and in a medieval wedding cake too.

Whether you want a wedding that comply with accuracy in all aspects of the historical period, or as add a few suggestive elements, a medieval style wedding can be exciting, elegant and … as a dream!

Medieval style dresses are spectacular and every bride, regardless of the figure, will feel at ease in these dresses. Remember however that during the Middle Ages, brides wore not white, so choose colors that suit you (you can opt for purple, green, bordeaux red) and heavy material (such as full velvet, brocade).

In that era there was still no veils for brides, so take into consideration hair ornaments suitable length and texture of your hair. Traditionally, brides wore wreaths of flowers and disheveled hair colored or white, but also a kind of golden benthic special models. The Internet can be helpful in this regard, so do research in advance and take a decision about the dress and accessories for about a year before the wedding. The groom costume he should respect also the wedding theme, so that you must document very well. If the groom does not want to keep the suit as a souvenir, you can rent from a company specialized or even from a theater. The groom will not forget the sword: not a medieval knight would not go out in public without his sword.

For the religious ceremony search a church or a gothic cathedral in a medieval style. You can choose to marry in religious and other locations. The secret is in architecture and decoration of the room: dark wood, stained glass, stone and marble accents.

Instead of the traditional bunk wedding cake for a medieval style wedding mini cakes are recommended, or a beautiful medieval castle wedding cake, one for each guest. And they can be decorated with the original “shields” or the initials of their new family. It would be nice that the menu to respect the wedding style, so remember to announce the kitchens of the time. Can you to do research in this direction and even give them some ideas on who will handle this. Basis but will be meat (lamb, suckling pig, calf, rabbit – fried to spit), cheeses, fruit pies and more filled with meat, cheese or veggies.

The location of the bridal party should respect the period that you have chosen as the theme of your wedding. It may be a castle or a castle courtyard, but it can be a trendy restaurant to have some decorative elements “medieval”, such as wood or stone walls dressed appearance, rich velvet curtains and wrought-iron torches. You can decorate the room with heraldic flags hanging from pieces of burnt wood and varnished. These flags can depict the symbols found on the Internet or you can create a flagship graphics representative or even using your initials. Rent or made an order of a massive chandelier made of wood and wrought iron candle which has immense use. Use as decoration or blooming spikes of wheat to symbolize fertility of fruit trees and ivy and white flowers (lilies), for their loyalty and love.11

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