Medieval Celtic Wedding Dresses

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Gone are those days when brides were convicted to put on a traditional, elaborated, formal, sober and sophisticated white wedding dress and wear it on their big wedding day. The latest trends in wedding dresses admit the fact that brides of today are free to wear whatever style, design, color, length and theme for the wedding dress they dream of.

As a matter of fact, more and more modern brides seem to fancy those period, vintage, middle-age or century wedding dresses that have a special old beauty and charm.

One of these wedding dress styles is the Medieval Celtic wedding dress. If you’re about to showcase a certain heritage, to honor a family bridal wear tradition or simply you love everything about the medieval and Celtic period, culture, art, movements, outfit customs and rituals, then you should definitely go with a Medieval Celtic wedding dress. In general, medieval wedding dresses are meant to be the expression of a certain art because they are very uniquely adorned and embellished with all kinds of lace, velvet, sequins or silk embroideries and appliqués.

A Medieval Celtic wedding dress is usually pretty fashionable, elegant, unusual, distinctive, refined and unique just because of the various rich, dynamic, trendy and dark toned colors that are available for these types of wedding dresses: burgundy, purple, violet, scarlet red, red velvet, gold, bright or deep egg-yellowish, orange, forest green, maroon, brown or cream. If you’re one of those brides in love with these styles, then you could search on the internet, on specialized websites that provide with period, vintage or antique wedding dresses or you can find them in thrift or consignment bridal shops.

If you’re looking for a more original, authentic and personalized Medieval Celtic wedding dress you can have it customized by a professional dressmaker. The main features of a Medieval Celtic wedding dress are the lace bodices, the long sleeves, the vertical slits and the rich embroidered hems and borders of the dress. If your wedding is going to take place during the cold season, then you can cover your arms and shoulders with a matching cloak, velvet mantle, cape or kerchief. In general, a Medieval Celtic wedding dress has either a long flowing romantic line, or the dress simply gathers down at the ankles, forming a straight skirt line.

Any bride can pick this style of wedding dress to complement a renaissance, Gothic, Middle-Age or fairy-tale themed wedding or simply to create a stronger dramatic visual impact. Depending on your personal style, vision and bridal expectations, and also considering the style, character, location, season, theme and color-scheme of the wedding you can choose a more traditional, authentic and classy Medieval Celtic wedding dress or a more contemporary, fancy Medieval Celtic wedding dress beautifully embroidered with gold, silk, lace or velvet.11

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