Mature Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 08 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Selecting the best wedding dress for the perfect wedding day is a difficult and stressful process for any type of bride, referring here to the petite bride, structured body figure brides or to mature women who are getting married later on in life. The process of choosing the most reliable and suitable wedding dress is even more troubling and unending for these brides.

Mature brides are those who are at their second marriage or those who are getting married somewhere around the age of 40-50. Imagine how confusing and bothering might be the process of finding the most suitable wedding dress for these women!

Well, this is the case for those bride who aren’t yet decided on what style, color, shape, length and design works best with their wedding day theme and décor. But so many possibilities and of interesting, unique, simple, elegant, customized and exquisite modern wedding dress designs a mature bride’s task of finding the perfect dress for the big day is even more simplified.

Many brides who are looking for a mature wedding dress are trying to avoid as much as possible the traditional, full-length wedding dress style with the long cathedral train because they don’t want to look too covered, too big, like a matron. The full, elaborated, layered and fairy-tale ball gown style is definitely not the best choice for them. But what suits best for a mature bride?

Well, the answers might differ from expert to expert, but most wedding dress designers advise women who passed the youth flower to wear something more decent, elegant, chic, simple and delicate. Mature wedding dresses are usually created from a more serious and elegant fabric such as chiffon, silk or taffeta. Lace and silk are definitely not the best choices for mature wedding dress designs. Older brides must look as elegant, modern and feminine as any younger bride and that is why many of them are finally deciding to go with a customized mature wedding dress. The chances of finding a beautiful and suitable wedding dress for older brides are fewer.

Not so many bridal wear shops can offer a various rage of possibilities for mature brides and that is the main reason why so many modern older women are appealing on specialized wedding dress designers that can create personalized mature wedding dresses.

There are no rigorous or recognized rules for what a mature bride who has postponed her wedding day until later in life to wear. Therefore if a mature bride dreams of wearing a trained wedding dress then no one can stop her of fulfilling her desires. Sleeved wedding dress types are the most popular among mature bridal wears. Strapless wedding dresses with jackets are also known as suitable and more flattering for a mature bride, such as any A-line, empire-line and princess line wedding dresses are perfect for older brides.11

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  1. doris

    March 01, 2011 at 10:30 am

    I think it’s nothing wrong or without style to wear a mature wedding dress. They can be playful and nice even though. After all, mature doesn’t mean you need to wear a dress without style, but with a different line and simpler, more decent, eventually longer or that would cover the body more. I like both these dresses as samples for a mature bride and I also like the article you wrote. It’s good. And the dresses… very nice. The first one is really beautiful and elegant, the second one is very comfortable and full. Maybe the cleavage is not exactly what I have in mind for a mature wedding dress, but the rest is quite as I have imagined. Nice dresses, i would choose the first one in a second if I had to.


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