Marvelous wedding church songs: live or recorded music?

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Music is such an important element in our life, even that sometimes we don’t realize how much it helps us in expressing our feelings or in improving our health or our mood. We should be glad that nowadays churches approved to introduce music during our ceremony. You can ask your mother if she could introduce some songs when she got married, but I tell you that in ancient times, churches didn’t allow brides to play songs during their ceremony.

For having a wonderful wedding, you must pay some attention to your ceremony, especially that now we are “attacked” with all types of musical genres, with new bands and songs after songs. In this article about wedding church songs, I’d like to offer you some suggestions about how to choose ceremony songs and also I’d like to inspire you with some melodies perfect for your marriage.

Classical songs always were and still are a good choice for those brides-to-be who are running out of time or for those couples who believe that classical songs are perfect for ceremony: once, because they were created by important musicians, and second because their sound simply highlight such a precious and unique moment in your life. And if I talked about classical songs, here are some suggestions for you: “Complete Wedding Ceremony Music Package” produced by T Carter Music; “Sheep May Safely Graze” produced by T Carter Music, Serenade Classical Collection;“Highland Serenade” produced by  T Carter Music; “Greensleeves” produced by T Carter Music and “Ave Maria” performed by JS Bach. Other couples opt for other musical genre such as melodies performed by Enya like: “Book of days” or  “Caribbean Blue”, Celine Dion with her marvelous songs like “The power of love”, “Because you loved me”, but still my favorite “band” (what a modest name, in my opinion, the composer Karl Jenkins is a genius) is Adiemus.

Their motto is “We will draw near” which means that music will make people be more unity. All Adiemus albums aren’t about amazing lyrics, but it’s about gorgeous and touching instrumental sound. Karl Jenkins invented the words for all the songs and the result is amazing. “Yuna” is my favorite masterpiece song and I think it fits perfectly with such an important event like a ceremony.

Secondly, when you are creating the playlist for your ceremony, you must cater for all its parts like: prelude, the processional which also include other moments like prayers, readings from Bible or from literature, certificate of marriage license, the declaration of marriage, the exchange of rings, the vows, the first kiss as married couple, a unity ritual (Unity Candle, Sand or Water Unity) and the recessional moment. There are two options for enjoying the most wonderful wedding church songs: you can play recorded music during your ceremony and choose some songs that fit with this moment or you can hire a talented choir to live sing what songs you’d like to hear. You also can ask the choir’s opinion or even listen or watching a DVD where they’ve sang before. Express your emotions through the most beautiful songs because now you have this opportunity!11

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