Marquise diamond wedding rings

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For brides who wish to wear a more exquisite, outstanding, eye-catching, unique and impressive diamond wedding ring can always vote for a marquise diamond wedding ring.
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The cut or the shape of the diamond always counts in making the final look of the ring more or less attractive and beautiful. So, among so many types of diamond cuts, the marquise cut is definitely worth considered for a wedding ring. The marquise diamond wedding ring can make a bride’s finger look more elegant and lovely, because of the slenderizing and elongating effect that the marquise shape has upon a larger finger in general. Not only fancy, dainty, stylish and sensational, this type of ring can also provide the bride with a more sensual and sexy look.

The marquise diamond wedding ring can do wonders for both traditional and modern couples, because this style can be found on both classy and contemporary designs. For couples who wish to wear a simple and yet delicate, refined and yet more outstanding type of diamond wedding ring this marquise cut diamond ring can make this thing happen.

This original shape has its origins back in the 18th century in France. The oval narrowed shape pointed at the end of the diamond managed to suit best the women in that period and even now this type of ring can make an exclusive personal choice for many 2010 brides. For those who are sick and tired of classical round diamond wedding rings, the marquise diamond wedding ring can make a statement.

This type of ring can also be found under the “boat shape wedding ring” or the “navette diamond wedding ring” names. Among other types of couples who usually choose to wear a sensational marquise diamond wedding ring are those with long fingers or those with thick fingers who wish to heave a more slender look over their wedding ring finger, those couples who are dealing with a limited wedding ring budget or those who are interested in wearing a classy diamond wedding ring with a more extravagant and sophisticated twist.

Contrary to what many might think, a marquise diamond wedding ring is more affordable than other types of cut diamond weddings rings, such as the round diamond wedding rings.

Due to the exquisite precise cut of the marquise style, the marquise diamond wedding ring must not feature a too large or too big diamond stone in order to make the stone more visible as we can observe in round diamond wedding ring designs.

So, due to this main reason, one can find cheaper marquise diamond wedding rings with a more original, soft, refined and dainty look.

Among the most popular types of marquise diamond wedding rings re the solitaire marquise diamond wedding rings, the tiffany set marquise diamond wedding rings or the antique or vintage inspired marquise diamond wedding rings.11

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