Marks and Spencer Wedding Cakes

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You want to have a wedding completely different than of your friends? Then you should use your full imagination and choose a theme that not many people would be able to adopt. If you’re a less traditional bride then you have found exactly what you want! I’ve prepared for you four fabulous themes with which you will not fail once you have chosen one of them.

Curious to know which are the elections of the week? if we were to decide this week if we would do a hippie wedding or a pink chic, that if we do not let us carried away in an ocean theme wedding or a rock wedding! You can make your big day truly unforgettable with one of the luxurious wedding cakes from Marks and Spencer at acceptable prices.

marks and spencer wedding cakes Marks and Spencer Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake from

You want to have a wedding by the sea and feel as the beautiful Ariel? Then you need a simple wedding dress of fine materials and details to create an ocean around you. Must have: a wedding cake with marine accessories, a bouquet of sea stars, flats or sandals and a scarf with boho influences. Be a true princess at your wedding using white and pink to give grace to your outfit and location. Rely on floral accents and make everything in pink and chic, including your wedding cake! You can order and pay online the wedding cake that you want and then pick it up in store from Marks and Spencer. Must have: dress with floral inserts (my choice), shoes in pink champagne shades and a bouquet of roses or orchids. How you could turn into a quiet bride if you were the whole life a hardcore rocker? We are not asking you to change for your big day, on the contrary: free your creativity and fun to the fullest. Must have: electric guitar, a dress made ​​of feathers (my choice), black shoes and funny wedding cake figurines.

marks and spencer wedding cakes 2 Marks and Spencer Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake from

Give up the traditional character of your wedding and adopt a nonconformist style worthy of the flower power period. If you add a number of eco elements and your message will be even more striking.Must have: empire dress with colored accents, simple decorations and absolutely eco, unusual invitations and delicious testimonials for the guests.


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