Manicure Pedicure Etiquette

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When it comes to manicure pedicure etiquette there might be a lot of questions this is why in case of most salons and spas that have a website there is a section about these questions and I find these very useful because there are a lot of people who visit such a place for the first time ad nobody can expect them to know all about these things. There are some people that find the etiquette annoying, but they were created for the clients, to make their experience even better
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In case of manicure and pedicure I have heard a lot of questions regarding whether we should remove the old nail polish or not before visiting the manicurist. I think that there is no definite answer for this question because it depends on the person who is doing your nails.

Some of them like to remove the polish themselves; others prefer you to remove it. The best is to ask the manicurist or to take a look at the business’s webpage and see if there is any information related to this problem. Those salons that aren’t working with artificial nails ask their clients to get them removed before they go to the manicure session.


If you would like to change something about the service most of the places accept these changes. For example if you would like extra nail shaping most probably the practitioner will fulfill your request by shortening the time for the massage. The services are very flexible and you should know that the professionals are there to serve you so if you have any requests don’t hesitate to tell them. If they do not want to fulfill it I suggest you find another place to get your nails done.

In case you are visiting a place solely to get a manicure then you will remain fully clothed, so it is better to wear a shirt that has loose sleeves so that you will be able to roll them up. This is true for pedicures as well: wear pants that are loose enough so that you will be able to roll them up to the knees.


Most salons and spa forewarn their clients that if they happen to have fungus, open sores, cuts, abrasions, cracked or infected skin or any other problem then they should see a professional until the problem is taken care of. Only after the problem is gone should they get an appointment for a pedicure.

Most of the places especially those that have a large number of clients ask them to turn their mobile phones off or to set them on silent mode and also to turn their pagers, beepers and alarm clocks of so that the noise doesn’t bother the other clients and manicurists and other professionals.

According to the manicure pedicure etiquette, you should also think about arriving in time for the appointment because any delay will cause other delays for the clients and i don’t think that you would like to wait just because another client was late. This is why most salons ask their clients to arrive 10 minutes early.11

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