Man Made Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Wedding Party | June 24 2010 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

If at first many modern men didn’t want to wear engagement rings, wedding rings or diamond wedding bands in general, now more and more grooms are turning their heads to the new styles that appeared in the last few years. There are many diamond cuts that one can choose from, in order to wear a wedding band or ring that is more suitable and pliable on his personal style and taste.
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Men are happy to have so many choices in matters of diamond wedding rings for men that we, women, can only feel jealous sometimes. Among the most masculine or simply powerful, impressive, outstanding and truly unconventional diamond wedding ring that one can choose is the Asscher cut man made diamond wedding ring.

The Asscher cut is also suitable for women, as we can see it worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, classified as one of the most inspired choices in a modern celebrity’s modern engagement rings top. Due to the majestic and artistry shape, more and more brides and grooms are attracted to this fancy type of diamond wedding ring set.

Regarded as a great alternative to a traditional diamond wedding ring set, the Asccher cut diamond wedding ring set makes an excellent choice for any type of couple who wants to wear something rather unique, trendy and impressive or showy than something too old fashion or conventional. This type of cut is usually recalled as the “emerald cut” or the modified “cushion cut” due to the square shape forming a spectacular octagon and it was founded in 1920.

The internal fire and the starling clarity of an Asscher cut man made diamond wedding ring is more powerful, brighter and radiant than other usual types of diamond cuts. One can find modern Asscher cut man made diamond wedding ring sets as well as vintage or deco art inspired Asscher cut man made diamond wedding ring sets that can fit best an artistry groom or a man that loves the art and anything that has to do with its detailed, whimsical and elaborated works.

If you are interested in antique Asscher engagement rings or Asscher cut man made diamond wedding ring sets you should look for old diamond Asscher cut rings that have a different interior flame and a different cutting precision than modern Asscher cut man made diamond wedding rings usually have.

The great part about an Asscher cut man made diamond wedding ring is that any inclusion or flaw of the stone can be easily seen in order to trace the correct quality or resistance and durability of the stone.  If you want to be sure that your cut man made diamond wedding ring is not easily breakable or easy to bruised, look for colorless Asscher cut diamond wedding ring sets. Colored Asscher cut man made diamond wedding rings instead might be harder to observe and examine.11


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