Mail Order Bride History

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The process of dating may seem frustrating to some women who don’t like this option, especially if the chances to meet someone new or interesting are pretty low. In this context, calling on a matrimonial agency may seem more appealing. You can do this online or by posting your personal ad in a magazine or bridal catalog. Those of you who seek a serious relationship and want to get married can do it through this method. Mail order marriages are available for everyone. In general, young and pretty ladies who seek happiness across the border decide to follow this route. But in all cases, they are interested in forming a serious match.

You too can pursuit this type of union by studying the mail-order market. There are many women all over the world who are searching for a foreign man to build a family. Back in the old days, brides who were seeking marriage overseas were actually poor. They thought that a man from a wealthier region could provide them with a better life and condition. These types of marriages may sound a bit risky, and in most cases they were. A few centuries ago our brides-to-be had no computer to check for their potential partner’s info and picture.

Mail Order Bride History

Mail Order Bride History (Photo by: Real Brides)

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Nowadays they can analyze their mate on live webcam. But even in this context, it’s never totally safe to follow this type of marriage. Back then, women were looking for marriage-minded partners with a serious intention of building a home and raising a family. It was obvious that these relationships were not founded on love. But according to many, love followed. Many people have never heard of mail order brides system. But this type of arranged marriage has existed for centuries. The first cases can be tracked down in United States. This state also enounced a few strict laws regarding this type of socializing. They also have laws that protect the rights of women who have become or are becoming mail order brides.

During the 1800s, the mail order bride usually sailed from England to the New World to meet a man who had a stable and prosper life in the colonies. Besides this, arranged marriages were quite necessary during that period, especially in the West were there were always more men than women. Those who worked as ranchers needed more female support at work and in their homes. Mail order brides in the West often left their countries and families to marry a miner or a farmer. Arranged marriages are never safe and they never wore. Many brides married real bandits and without even knowing it. Nowadays, the possibilities of predicting the intentions of a potential husband are a bit higher. Today’s agencies have more rules in this regard.


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