Magenta Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Wedding Decorations | January 11 2011 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

If you love the idea of planning a pink wedding but you’re afraid that your groom won’t tolerate very well the stridency of pink perhaps you have to choose a darker shade of pink that will be softer on the eyes such as magenta pink. This color is often recalled as “hot pink” although magenta hue is a little bit darker and indulgent with the eyes than the eclipsing strident hot pink.

We find the magenta theme quite appropriate and inspiring for a wedding booked for a beach, island, coast, garden, park, back yard, open field, country side or for any other type of location in nature. You can gaze at these pictures with stunning magenta wedding flower centerpieces and get the right inspiration that you need in order to plan your own fabulous flower décor arrangements.

Instead of going white and standard why not change a little bit the situation, rethink your options and choose something more unconventional, daring and more outstanding like the magenta color! With a white wedding the possibilities aren’t too many or too rich and inspiring. We are happy to see that more and more modern brides of today are considering a more vivacious and eye-catchy color or color scheme and theme for the wedding. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re planning a wedding in January or in September. There are color schemes that work for every single season or time of year. In fact, we must admit that the color inspiration for the wedding comes from the season itself! If its’ spring, then go with pastel natural colors.

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If its’ summer time, choose something more provocative, rousing, cheerful and daring. If it’s autumn, opt for pastel soft tones again. And if it’s winter, go shiny and glittering. There are plenty colors and derived colors that you can choose from, according to the exact time of year when your wedding is going to take place, according to the location and formality that you’ve chosen for the whole event. Magenta wedding flower centerpieces can work wonderfully for a magical wedding day at the end of the summer or in autumn. There is nothing more inspiring and inviting or ravishing than a beautiful, strong and yet romantic colorful wedding!

You will be able to make a true statement using this sensual dramatic color. You can pair this color with white, champagne, beige, cream, purple, pale pink or blush, yellow, violet, lavender, hyacinths, lilac, burgundy, plum, brown or black, for a more dramatic and contrasting outstanding look. In magenta hues you can find sweet peas, vanda orchids, mums, peonies, lilacs, chrysanthemums, ranunculus, tulips, freesias, roses, carnations, calla lilies, anemones, lavenders, plumerias, hibiscus, hydrangeas, magnolias or gerbera daises. For a sensational unforgettable wedding in Los Angeles the magenta color can make a stunning enchanting choice.11

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