Made To Order Wedding Gowns

Wedding Dresses | August 03 2009 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Doing your research for your wedding gown you start to have a good idea on how your attire will look like, but while keep searching you realize that you are still not satisfied with the result. At a certain moment you even come up with the thought that all of the dresses look alike; you know, it’s a silly thing to say that, but considering that you have spent so many hours in front of the PC still not getting what you want, this only means that all the sites you have visited display the same gowns over and over again.

First of all you haven’t decided upon the theme of your wedding yet, you don’t even know if you should choose one or not? In this matter not even your hubby is of any help till one evening when he comes over and you have dinner you start talking about the details of your wedding. You tell him that the clock is ticking showing that time is passing so quickly and it still finds you in state of indecision. He reminds you that it is useless to try to find now a theme for the wedding as long as the invitations had been already sent with no specification of any theme at all.

made-to-order-wedding-gownsThey were the classical wedding invitations with their standard wording and general driving instructions; but apart from these, nothing else. You have to admit that he is right; actually you have forgotten about the invitations, and since they had been created in the classical style you decide that your wedding to be designed in this way. Now that you have a start you feel more confident of what your will would be and begin researching on the Internet sites for classical wedding gown and your eyes are set on the Grace Kelly’s wedding gown when she married Prince of Monaco.

The problem was that you could find only few versions of the dress and unfortunately they didn’t fit your body sizes. You consider this a real bad luck; thinking that now you have finally met the dress you would like to wear, it is not possible to have because of the sizes offered by the fashion house that displayed the replica of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress.

Though you don’t like that they haven’t respected the exact model of the dress, you still long for that one! Then your mother shows up and you share your wish to her. She says that there might be an option for you to choose from, that being the made to order wedding gowns, an alternative you haven’t taken at all into account up to now. ¬†She says that a lot of couturieres are striving to hold their businesses offering the future brides the possibility to have made to order wedding gown.

Again you reach for your PC and start browsing. You find some sites, you browse through their products and follow your impulses on approaching them in your matter. You send your wish in regard to your wedding dress to several sites, asking them to see Grace Kelly’ dress and calculate how much it would cost you if they make a dress according to your body sizes. All of them answered in a positive way saying that they agree to sew the dress for you, and delivered also a list of expenses based on their calculations. You end up by choosing the cheaper designer, as a wedding still have more things to be taken care of.11

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