Luau Wedding Cakes

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Hawaii is the perfect destination for weddings and honeymoon. If you don't want a traditional big city wedding, just say ''Aloha'' and start planning your wedding in Hawaii. If you can't afford a wedding in Hawaii just plan a luau theme wedding. A luau is a Hawaiian feast, that involves traditional food, Hawaiian music, dance and entertainment. You don't have to go to Hawaii to have a luau theme wedding. There are different commercial luau productions in Hawaiian islands.


If you are planning your wedding in Hawaii you can choose: Paradise Cove Luau, Wailele Polynesian Luau, Feast at Lele, Old Lahaina Luau, Royal Lahaina Luau. You can have the same theme wedding at the Disney's Polynesian Resort. Whether you are having an authentic luau theme wedding or not, you will need special wedding invitations, special decorations and a special wedding cake.

For a luau theme the wedding cake should be colorful, with Hawaiian fruit flavors, you can decorate the cake with Hawaiian flowers like hibiscus. You should select a Hawaiian wedding cake topper, like hula dance topper, or bride and groom dressed in Hawaiian style wedding cake topper, or flip flop topper, palm tree topper.

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Hawaiian wedding cakes are the most spectacular because of the bright colors, because of the flavors, designs.

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On many websites you can find many tips and ideas about how to plan a Hawaiian luau theme wedding. You will need traditional Hawaiian food, use traditional Hawaiian ingredients, Hawaiian recipes, Hawaiian wedding cake recipe and decorate it in Hawaiian style, you will need traditional Hawaiian music. This theme is fun, it is more loose and less formal, your guests will enjoy it will feel more free and relaxed and they will admire your amazing Hawaiian wedding cake. Bring the Aloha spirit into your wedding and bring the island atmosphere at your reception. The best place to celebrate this theme is on a beach.

98057 luau wedding cakes Luau Wedding Cakes

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You can admire Hawaiian wedding cakes on many websites. Find a cake bakery that specialize in custom made wedding cakes, you can select the flavors of the cake, choose Hawaiian flavors like pineapple, coconut, orange, banana, for the filling you can choose coconut milk cream, for the frosting you should choose fondant, especially if you are having your reception on a beach, because fondant will not melt so fast as buttercream. From fondant the baker can create sophisticate designs, figurines, palm trees, Hawaiian flowers, flip flops. Blue fondant can represent the ocean, brown sugar can represent the sand. There are many ideas you can use in decorating your wedding cake for a luau theme wedding. Have fun and enjoy for luau wedding.



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