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Before beginning an important business or action, one must have a plan or some sort of sketches that can help follow his or hers activity. This is the reason why wedding planners for example, are always prepared with all kinds of materials, books, checklists, worksheets etc. These make our life easier by organizing every detail and giving us enough time to spend on something else.
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If you are looking for a sample of wedding planner checklist, this article is going to try and facilitate your work by introducing some sites where you will find them and an example of a wedding planner checklist. The first one is www.weddingdetails.com, a site which displays complete and updated information about wedding coordination. The brides who enter this site will find not only examples of budget worksheets, planning calendar checklists or wedding day timetables, but also samples of invitations, shower ideas, decorations, how to choose the perfect wedding gown, planning management questions, rings or how to be beautiful on your wedding day.

You will also have the opportunity to speak directly with some brilliant coordinators that are ready to answer all your questions about traditions and culture (Lois Pearce), wedding attire (Sally Lorensen Conant), relationship advice (Paul Friedman) or financial issues (Taffy Wagner).

Another interesting site is www.realsimple.com, a place where you won’t find advice only on weddings or marriage, but also tips about health, beauty, food and recipes, family, travels etc. When looking for a wedding planner checklist, the key elements which need to get your attention are represented by the organization of the engagement period. Usually, a U.S engagement lasts between 10 and 12 months. A wedding planner checklist will teach you exactly how to divide your time so that you can take care of everything. For example, in the period of 12 to 9 months, you start your documentation about weddings, decide over your budget, hire a coordinator, create a guest list and book an officiant.

Next, 7 months before the wedding, you should take care of the invitations, go shopping for wedding attire for everyone (brides, bridesmaids etc.), meet with vendors, elaborate a “wedding day timetable” (just to see how your day will flow) and choose your music, transportation etc.

The next 5 to 3 months are dedicated to finalizing the menus, the readings, buying the rings or deciding who will give toasts, while the last 2 months are for getting your marriage license, having a shower party, writing your vows and generally doing other arrangements.

And finally, one week before the wedding, you are left with small tasks like: picking up your dress, making last payments and packing for your honeymoon.

These are, mainly, the important things which need to be assessed when looking for a wedding planner checklist. As you can notice, these are very helpful, because they prevent the chaos from installing in your pre-wedding life. And believe me, this is the last thing you need when planning such a major event. So, don’t waste your time with other things and start looking for a checklist that could organize your time properly.

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