Longitudinal Ridges On Fingernails

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Fingernails conditions have been  a  clue to inner body problems ever since the Hippocrates time, in 400 B.C.E. it is necessary that one takes a few moments of his time and studies his fingernails. You will come to discover many things you did not know so far about your health.

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Fingernails may indicate heart diseases, respiratory problems, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, anemia, chronic diseases, but they can also indicate a problem located just at the fingernails, like itchy skin, lack of vitamins or proteins.

Ridges are one of the common problems your fingernails may suffer. There are two types of fingernails ridges you can observe; there are the horizontal ridges, the vertical ridges or the longitudinal ridges on fingernails.

Causes of fingernails ridges are multiple, like growing old, iron or vitamin deficiency, kidney dysfunctions, a flu you may have caught, some manicure tools that may have destroyed the plate of your fingernail, dehydration, prolonged water contact. Anyhow, these are just the cases when the fingernails ridges do not go for a deeper cause.


But there is the possibility that the ridges on your fingernails be more serious. It may announce a problem like psoriasis, malnutrition, arsenic poisoning, albumin deficiency; they let you know about the level of cholesterol in your body, the blood pressure, physical or mental stress.

Whereas the horizontal ridges announce the most serious diseases, the longitudinal ridges on fingernails, can be caused by less damaging factors, like getting old, having dry nails. However, they may also mean that you have some inner body condition, affecting the nails, named lichen planus, rheumatoid arthritis-that appears at an older age, problems with your peripheral circulation.


As there may not be such a serious condition affecting your nails and causing these longitudinal ridges, it can be easily treated by anyone. Therefore, one should use an oil for the nails on a daily basis, should always moisturize one’s nails after every time using water or doing nay house work. If the cause lies in poor vitamins in your body, one can take some vitamins supplements that are best prescribed by a doctor. In doing work around the house like cleaning windows, washing dishes one may use a pair of rubber gloves to protect their fingernails.

Heredity may also play an important role in the appearance of longitudinal ridges on fingernails. One can prevent this from developing by limiting the usage of nail polish remover and even the manicures, keep your fingernails well trimmed and cleaned. To reduce the signs of vertical ridges on your fingernails, while not wearing any manicure you should buff the fingernails in the direction of the vertical ridge. In this case it is also better to cut your nails straight, than round.

Having a healthier diet and respecting some of these basic treatments you can get easily see your fingernails ridges disappear.11

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