Long Sleeved Tea Length Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | June 10 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Tea length wedding dresses are among the most popular choice for modern, chic and yet vintage themed wedding affairs. They can have a modern blushing look or perhaps a more antique, retro and classy sassy touch, depending on what material, design, skirt, bodice and embroidery you choose.

In general, tea length wedding dresses are meant to give a breathing room and space to the bride, also giving her the opportunity of showing more of her legs and wedding shoes – which sometimes, unfortunately are hidden under a ball gown floor sweeping gown wedding dress. Their mid calf length, ending right under the knees or a little bit lower, about the ankles makes the bride look more fancy, feminine, eye-catchy, tricky, flirty and a million times more stylish and dainty than in any other type of full length wedding dress.

The skirt can be full – where the bride can wear a slipper and more fitting bodice, or sheath, slim and simply draping all the way down the bride’s legs. If you want to appear in a more modern and twisting style, you can opt for a tea length wedding dress made from a smooth and light-weighted material, such as silk, georgette, damask, illusion net, organza or satin. For those of you who are looking for a more conservative style that can add more glamour, refinement and attractiveness to their bridal appearance can opt for a long sleeved tea length wedding dress. The sleeves can have a mid ¾ quarter length, a cap style or a full length, depending on how much elegance and style you want to include in the dress, just to fit best the formality of the wedding.

Since the tea length wedding dress is suitable for both formal and informal weddings, the long sleeves can transform it into something really dashing, gallant and dressy, perfect for a more dramatic, formal and yet chic wedding. Since so many weddings today are inspired by the antique era, a vintage tea length wedding dress won’t be such a bad idea. In fact, you should know that more and more contemporary brides are choosing a vintage or a retro themed wedding dress instead of a ball gown princess style wedding dress.

The idea is to look a bit more different, refreshing, unusual and conventional but still very old fashion and outstanding. If you’re a fan of the vintage clothing syndrome, you can opt for a chic poet long sleeved tea length wedding dress that will add a new level of romanticism and flair. This type of sleeve works great with a floaty tea length skirt or with a ballerina-type tulle skirt.

Other types of modest, formal, conventional and yet refined, dainty and chic that can go well with a vintage-retro tea length wedding dress are: balloon sleeves, Juliet sleeves and illusion long sleeves. You can wear a fancy matching three quarter length sleeved bolero or a chic pair of themed gloves to make the tea length wedding dress even more attractive, tasty and fashionable.11


  1. carmine

    February 11, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Illusion long sleeves is what I would like to have for my tea length wedding dress. But for that I would need a dress that it would be made of satin and the skirt would be pretty voluminous. As voluminous as the second dress here. But in rest, nothing like these two dresses here. They are so outdated, they look so oldish and if you can say that about a dress, pretty tired. And no bride would want to look tired, would she? So I’m sorry to say it, but these two models here are not at all inspired. Except for a few tips from the article, I could get nothing from here. Too bad, I usually like your articles and dresses you post.


  2. Rebecca

    August 30, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    I have never ever thought of a tea-length wedding gown! Now, I can’t imagine why not. So chic and versatile! The 2nd picture is as close to perfect as any I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing about this versatile, yet elegant, possibility.


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