Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 19 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Whether you are having a winter wedding or you just love a romantic wedding dress style, you choose the long sleeves wedding dress. This unique and very delicate wedding dress style is perfect for a cold winter wedding day because it can cover your shoulders and arms and keep you warm during the wedding ceremony and reception. Long sleeved wedding dresses are the best choice for a classy, medieval or Renaissance wedding theme. In any of these old-century periods of time brides wore long sleeves wedding dresses to cover their body entirely to express better the innocence, purity, chastity and femininity. No wonder these dresses are extremely feminine and stylish even today. Many brides seem to love this design and decide to wear it on their special wedding day.

These dresses are extremely vintage and old but they still manage to catch the eye of the watchers. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on a formal, informal, sophisticated, casual, outdoor wedding, you can wear it anywhere. Women in old-century times haven’t gotten any other option regarding to the bridal dresses. They used to wear only this particular long sleeves wedding dress. Nowadays, old fashion is extremely in vogue and trendy that is why lots of contemporary brides turn their head all the way round to the classic styles. If one is not completely satisfied with a long sleeved wedding dress design, she can adjust the sleeves until they fit her desires. Many women decide to wear a short sleeves wedding dress because they can keep the classy design and still make it look a little more sexy and attractive.

The fabrics for creating these wonderful wedding dresses have to be extremely delicate, refined and sleek. For example, lace is one of the most popular fabrics among long sleeves wedding dresses designs. Lace is very romantic and fashionable, feminine and sexy. Brides who are enchanted with this particular fabric usually choose to incorporate it in specific embroideries of the dress. But there are lots of brides who adore a pair of lace wedding gloves. They are pretty romantic and Middle-Aged and women love to feel classy and chic. Lace gloves are perfect for a breezy spring wedding day, on a beach, shore or in a garden. For winter weddings the long sleeves wedding dresses look amazingly beautiful and seasonal. The fabrics are great and the appearance is absolutely charming.

Depending on your body figure, the long sleeves wedding dresses can save your flaws and accentuate your qualities. For example, a bride who has hips that are too small or too big, the long sleeves wedding dress can do wonders. The beautiful long sleeves can distract the attention from your imperfections towards your hands and the way the sleeves manage to create a flowing and enchanting view.11

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  1. Dalina

    April 18, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    Just one picture of wedding dresses with sleeves? Come on, why didn’t you post more? I really like it when you post more than one dress in your articles. It is better for me to understand what you refer to when you actually describe the dresses. I need a dress with sleeves because I will have my wedding don in autumn and it will be a little bit chilly. I love sleeves that are made of lace and these here are quite a little bit what I want. I like the full lace from here and I even like the line of the dress, but it seems however too full, too loaded for me. Something more simpler, that will focus on the sleeves I’d like more to have.


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