Long Fingernails Scratching

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The lack of physical work in a woman’s life made it possible for them to let their fingernails grow longer. Usually it is very important for a woman to look good, so she can feel good in her own skin. Nice fingernails can be really helpful with increasing the self-confidence or even self-esteem.
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If the fingernails are taken care of and they look nice, they can be very sexy, and most of men (even if they don’t admit it) do care about how does women’s fingernails look.

Those who have the time for it can make really amazing manicures at home, including painting beautiful patterns. Those who don’t have the time for it, or aren’t talented enough can pay somebody to do it for them.

Having long fingernails doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wait for them to grow. You can easily get artificial fingernails. At this time the most fashionable ones are made of acrylic, which has a great resemblance to the real thing, they even might look a bit better.


Like everything else, having long nails has its downsides as well. You might scratch somebody by accident. If this happens it is very advisable to disinfect the area to avoid an infection caused by all the microorganisms and viruses that can be found under the nails. When talking about scratching we might think about our instincts. For example it is very probable that someone will try to scratch if the person in question feels that he or she is in danger. This can happen if another person or animal is the one that causes the feeling of danger. If we are talking about instincts, we might think about another kind of scratching that has nothing to do with fear or accidents. What is the first thing that we think about if we see somebody who has scratch marks on his back? I believe that we all would be thinking about the same thing. This also is in a close relationship with our instincts, but it isn’t based on the purpose of hurting the other.

Regarding long fingernails scratching we all might have experienced that a fingernail broke and I think that one of the most annoying things in the world is when this happens. Not because of the nail or that I will have to wait a longer period for it to grow back, but because it is inevitable for it to scratch. It is a real nightmare to have to spend a day like that, which is very possible if I don’t carry with me a nail-file.


Other types of scratching might also occur. I think that it can be called a torture method to hear somebody with long nails scratch something like a blackboard. It makes a typical noise that for some people is very hard to support. The same thing can happen with some fabrics, like jeans. Some people hat to hear long fingernails scratching jeans or any other fabric that is similar to jeans.11

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