Live wedding at Cupid's Chapel in Las Vegas

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Your wedding day is very special. This is the simplest explanation for all the troubles and all the agitation behind the complicated agenda. This is why each and every couple wants to find the best location, work with the best professionals and have the best décor. The same rules apply for both the ceremony and the reception. Basically, to plan a wedding means to adjust a budget to some plans. On the road you also have to think about your guests and about what they would like.
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That is exactly why the ceremony focuses on the bride and groom and the reception on the guests. The theme is important as well. It has to be a connection between what you like and the characteristics of this special day. Easier to say than to do. It depends on you whether you decide to do all the work or you decide to hire somebody to help you. A wedding planner could help you solve some of the problems on the way and also help you prepare this day in detail. She or he will tell you what to do and what not to do. At some point it can get a little bit complicated.

That is why you should choose a location where things are simple. Las Vegas is such a location. This is the wedding capital of the world so it is safe to say that they have all you need in terms of wedding planning. Wedding planners and vendors as well as retailers have one common goal: to make this day perfect for you and your guests. This is why they try so much. This is why there are so many wedding chapels and so many resorts.

This is why there are so many scenarios for both the ceremony and the reception. For most couples the ceremony is the most important part of this day. Every chapel has different services to offer but quality is a common feature no matter the packages on display. In Las Vegas you might get the impression that all the wedding chapels look the same. However, there are little differences between these chapels. For example, live weddings are more and more popular among couples. This service is optional and doesn’t cost that much. Not to mention that it is a great way to involve those guests who couldn’t make it in time at the wedding. Basically, all they need is a good internet connection and a computer. As simple as that.

Most wedding packages include this service. For example, Cupid’s Wedding Chapel is one of the chapels that offer this service. If you take a look on their website you can access their archive of live weddings and see what the story is actually about. Live wedding at Cupid’s Chapel in Las Vegas proves to be both romantic and unexpected. Behind the screen there is the same amount of sparkle, glitter and magic that makes ceremony so wonderful. You are also given the possibility to choose a DVD and a set of pictures in the same package.

The length of the DVD and the number of photos varies from one package to another. It is like anything else in the offers: changeable. That is why they call them customizable. If you choose to share these moments with special people in other parts of the world all you have to do is to tell them the hour and the address where to go to. It is all so simple. With just a couple of clicks and in a couple of seconds your guests can easily travel to Las Vegas.

Live wedding at Cupid’s Chapel in Las Vegas could really help you make up your mind. You can see whether the chapel is fit for you and if you like the quality of the image. There are many things to consider but in the end it all comes down to what your intuition tells you. So, do you trust your intuition or not?11

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  1. Elle

    January 14, 2011 at 10:26 am

    It’s the only thing I would like my wedding to be viewed live. To be viewed by those loved ones who are not able to attend m wedding. I once attended, so to say, such a wedding and I can say it was so fun! We gathered around some old friends, with a little champagne and lots of tissues and then… with just one hit of the button we were there, at our friend’s wedding ceremony. It was nice, the quality however not so good. It was an amateur kind of recording. More like an experiment. Still, the idea was a success and we were able to be there with her. But here, in your article, everything sounds it’s gonna be of high quality and of great enjoyment. I also like what I see of the chapel, especially the night time gazebo.


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