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Wedding Party | May 26 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

<p>My <strong>list for wedding planning</strong> continues with more other important tasks which must be accomplished in time. As time passes, you’ll notice that you have bigest responsabilities but also, easily you’ll start crossing some tasks from your<strong> list for wedding planning.</strong>
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6. All tasks which must be solved at your wedding, write them on a few small notes, and hand them to your close friends to help you. The groom won’t have time to deal with anything on the event, and even if it would be a little time, it is their special day and they must enjoy it not to run after flowers or cake. And you’ll do the same for your friends so things will compensate.

7. When choosing the restaurant, make sure the terms are equal comparison. Write down on paper all those offered locally in each hand, and only then compare costs between them. Note that, included cake and decorations in a restaurant can increase the total cost of 10 Euro / person. Other sources of differences in cost can be coffee, champagne, love card sites, or menus, flowers, etc… 1-2 Euros to each of them can accumulate quite large differences between the actual costs and presented.

8. Choose a church as close to a restaurant where the party will follow, so guests can walk, if any (of course most will not come by car to enjoy a cup).

9. A good idea would be to rent 2-3 minibuses throughout the wedding, which could by rotation to transport guests from the local church, even you could choose a location for the wedding out of town. Do you think it’s expensive? On the contrary! Outside, the city menu is much cheaper and costs less than renting minibuses savings with cheaper menu.

10. The main option for sponsorials, as tradition says, are sponsors of the baptism of the groom (or their children), followed by baptism godparents of the bride (or also their children). If you still cannot or you don’t want to respect tradition for various reasons, don’t’ forget that your sponsorials will become spiritual parents for all the rest of your life. Good, so do not choose at random, and must be someone you trust (and obviously with beautiful names, otherwise what will you do if they want to baptize your children after their names?!).

11. The first thing you need to remember is: don’t buy the wedding dress sooner than three months before the wedding. Some demonstrates shows very often that in such an event, brides lose or gain weight enough that your dress can not be adjusted by simple sewing operations. <br /> 12. Do not go alone to sample dress; always take some relatives friends with you for hearing more opinions. <br /> <br /></p>11

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