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For some reason in case of women lipstick and smoking have been considered to be strongly related. The truth is that there are many aspects of this matter that should be taken into consideration. Firstly you should know that a woman who is wearing lipstick most of the times looks sexy unless she makes a big mistake by choosing the wrong color or not applying the lipstick properly. Secondly the issue of smoking is much debated because as we all know it is very damaging for the health and also affects the physical aspect of the smoker. In time the teeth will get a yellowish color, you might get smokers lips (meaning that there will be wrinkles all over your lips) and your voice might change as well. You can realize that none of these things is very feminine and I think this might make you reconsider your smoking habit.

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On the other hand if you smoke while you are wearing lipstick, it might smudge and it will leave marks on the end of the cigarette. Still some men find it very appealing and sexy to see lipstick smoking women. I am not saying that they are wrong, but you should know that if you would be one of those seducing, smoking little devils you should know how to smoke to impress men. The key is to avoid rush movements. Every move you make should be slow so that your ‘target’ could observe them and also you should try to seem as feminine as you can. The risk of this method is that you might get carried away and you might end up acting ridiculously. The cigarette you are smoking also counts as an important factor, because I don’t think that it is a nice sight to see a woman smoking a cigar. Instead you should opt for slim cigarettes because they are more feminine, if I can say this.


There are some men that are so mesmerized by lipstick smoking women that they enjoy looking to them not only live, but they enjoy photographs as well. You might think that it is quite strange, but if you come to think of it, it is quite normal. People like to watch things that they enjoy.


All this is very well, but those people who are non-smokers think that there is nothing sexy or appealing about a woman that smokes and they say that kissing such a woman feels just like kissing an ashtray. I think that this is a bit harsh, but we have to admit that they got a point. My personal opinion is that those who are smoking are acting according to their own will and so they shouldn’t be forcing others to breath in their smoke. I think this is one of those things that make me avoid spending time with those people that can’t bear to stay without smoking while they are with me, regardless their gender.

At this point it is up to you to decide whether you are in favor or against lipstick smoking.11

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  2. Johnny Randall

    December 08, 2010 at 4:22 am

    Im a non smoker, and I think women who smoke are very attractive. I went outside of at a nightclub patio, and I noticed this very beautiful woman with long blond hair, with high heals wearing dark red lipstick. She looks over at me and smiles, I smile back. She asks me for a cigarette ands I tell het I dont smoke. She says “Well thats too bad”. I so desperately wanted to meet this woman, that I bumbed a cigarette off someone and gave it to her. She appreciated the fact that I went through all that trouble for her. We sat outside and talked for a bit and hit it off pretty good. I asked her to dance and of course she said that would be great. After a few hours of dancing and a few drinks, we were back on the patio. She then re- applied her red lipstick (which I thought was very hot). She then pulls out a cigarette from her purse and lit it. The whole time she had her own pack. I realized that she used that as a pick up line on me. So near the end of the night, I asked her for one more dance (of course the slow dance of the night). We are on the floor, braced to one another, moving to the music. I looked at her red lips, and then into her baby blue eyes. She then looked in mine, and next thing you know it, we kissed for a good 30 seconds. It was the best kissed I ever experienced. It didnt bother me that her mouth tasted like an smoke. So I told my friends Im going to walk her out to her car. They gave me the big thumbs up as they noticed red lipstick smudged on my mouth. Im walking her out to her car. Shes holding my hand in one hand, and a burning cigarette in the other. When we get to the car, we start kissing again, tounges in mouth and everything. My mouth really tasted like an ashtry, but I could careless.

    Too make a long story short, we dated exclusevly for two years, and now shes actually my wife now. Yeah she still smokes on a regular basis, but when you meet the woman of your dreams, then none of that matters.


  3. Ermac

    February 23, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    I am a non smoker too, and I also think some women who smoke are very attractive, especially wearing lipstick.

    Someone in youtube says the most beautiful thing is to smell smoke coming out of woman’s mouth, because it is mixed

    with her molecules of all the way it passes. And of course I can say it touches her silky lips. More of the point

    maybe because of the make up sometimes this kind of smoke become milder than usual and has female smell. Smoking

    woman can be very seductive without hidden aim(just natural smoker) or when she wants to be seductive.
    It’s very personal and intimate moment when female’s lips touches the filter of cigarette, wrap around it shrink

    and pull the smoke down to the lungs. Every movement in that sequence can be very seductive- tender touch between

    lips and cigarette, sexy wrapping lips around the filter and of course manner of inhale, which can be so different.

    It can be tender or on the other side very hard and continuous, close mouth and open mouth. Both manners have it’s

    own beauty. Close mouth inhale tend to be stronger and more continuous and it’s visible the muscle contractions of

    the tender female neck introducing smoke to her lungs. I’m suprised how long some women can do power inhaling of

    smoke without breathing air and coughing! On the other hand nevertheless of it’s power open mouth inhale shows the

    smoke playing with lips which can be breath taking…That’s why many pictures and videos show woman’s open mouth and

    smoke around the lips. Smoking sounds can be seductive too. Sometimes it can be heard “shhhh” sound or when woman is

    talking during inhaling she sucks the last syllable together with the inhaled smoke and this happens in the

    seductive low register of the female voice.
    Sometimes there are bonus movements during inhaling such closing eyes, short lip licking etc. In a word more of

    50% of seductiveness is the inhaling of smoke.
    The second thing is female exhale of the smoke which can be also very attractive. First of all pulling the

    cigarette out of the woman’s lips. It can be done in a tender manner with female’s fingers. One of the first thing

    is to see the lipstick mark on the filter. It is very exciting because the lipstick mark resembles woman’s passion

    and is an exact copy of part of her silky lips. And then come the exhalation! There are also many different manners

    here. Some of them are natural, the othes not. Both can be very seductive. Most common it is slightly open lips and

    blowing smoke out. But woman can do smoke rings too, or there is a combined manner of simple exhalation with doing

    of one smoke ring with the last portion of exhaled smoke, which is done powerfully in a way to atract. Nevertheles

    how smoke leaves woman’s body it can be very seductive, because it pets her beautiful lips… In the ordinary way a

    a lady keeps at least small portion of inhaled smoke deep in her lungs forever, but seldom there are ladies who

    don’t exhale smoke at all. Some think that there is no thrill in such manner, because the beauty of female exhales

    is lost. For sure the last manner is more dangerous for one’s health, but there is some charm in such way of

    smoking, because of the woman’s addiction and will not to release the smoke from her eager body and some egoistic

    manner not to share the smoke. I remember such woman when I was a child and she was very attractive. It’s very sexy

    when woman wears lipstick, short dress or skirt with pantyhose and high heels and then blow smoke on her legs.
    Personally I like to ask a question a smoking lady at the bus-stop while she’s inhaling smoke. Of course she

    immediately stop process of inhaling to answer me. Some ladies are skilful and talk with lower voice while keeping

    smoke in her lungs, other first blow out smoke and then talk, third are talking during exhaling and finally one girl

    couldn’t manage to keep the smoke inside her and blowed it into my face and smiled charmly and became a little bit

    I guess other case of woman catching the bus and throwing cigarette and I leave the bus and we meet on the

    stairs. She wore dark red lipstick and I can’t stop myself to have an eager glimpse at her and was a step to grab

    her and kiss her dark lips.
    I like to watch lipstick smoking women and even go behind them and wait to throw their finished cigarettes and

    hope not to crush them or throw in the basket case. Then I get lady’s cigarette and look on the yellow filter and I

    can assess times of inhaling. And of course I enjoy the lipstick on the filter and according to it’s position

    realise how deep the filter was on lady’s lips. And of course when I touch the filter I get some lipstick on my

    fingers and feel excited because I have some very intimate of the lady, because there are molecules from her mixed

    with sparkling brocade. Although she don’t suppose, she leaves a small part of her on a cigarette. 🙂
    I also remember one my friend, who was a step to be my smoking girlfriend. Maybe I missed a chance to have a

    smoking girlfriend. I don’t know… I’m confused because I am non smoker and hate smoking but sexy smoking ladies

    make me total crazy from a small child. 🙁 That lady attracted me on a party where she was in pantyhose, boots, pink lipstick and cigarette. Then we become very close like a friends and even as I understand later she fell in love with me, but we didn’t become a couple, maybe for good, I don’t know… I remember it was my birthday and I carried bonbons and went to all my friends. When I was in her room and offer her a bonbon she was smoking. She kept the smoke inside her lungs,hugged me and kissed my cheek tenderly… I went mad totally… I feel her warm smoking lips. It was a pity she hadn’t lipstick…Maybe if her room-mate hadn’t been there I would have kissed her lips…
    In conclusion I am non smoker, I hate smoking, but some smoking girls drive me crazy. I know that for their good is not to smoke and not harm their health… Maybe they can smoke electronic cigarette to seduce us?!


  4. Smokingishawt

    April 06, 2011 at 6:51 am

    Funny how I just came across this post completely by accident. Women who smoke have always been my biggest fetish. A beautiful woman who smokes, especially while wearing lipstick is such a rare thing to see these days.

    I realize that most women will find it completely puzzling as to why smoking is attractive… but it just IS. Think of high heels. What is so sexy about a woman in heels? Is there a scientific explanation for it? NO. There is not. Just embrace it and go with it. If you do, men will be putty in your hands.

    And as for what kind of cigarettes to smoke? 120’s. If you smoke nice, long, thin, feminine cigs like Virginia Slims 120’s, Mores, Eve, Misty or Capri — men WILL notice you. Pretty much any women who pulls a sexy, long, 120 from her purse and holds it up to her pretty painted lips, WILL have guys running across the room to give her a light.

    Most other women will not understand it at all — which is why MOST women are average. I noticed that whenever a woman does ANYTHING that the other women aren’t doing, it may cause resentment. ANYTHING that gets you noticed and them ignored will.

    If you don’t smoke, you obviously shouldn’t start. If you do though, switch to a 120 if you want to get noticed. Trust me, you will…


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