Lipstick Punishment

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If you’re one of millions of women who think they have too thin lips, there is good news! Voluptuous lips can be obtained using simple procedures, fast and secure permanent enlargement of lips with natural or synthetic implants to restore your trust in your power of attraction! Plastic surgery has evolved so far that can be corrected where nature was not generous enough. Today the world we live in is changing constantly and rapidly, and the procedure to enlarge lips moved from the luxury intervention only made the stars up to the level of absolute trend. Considered a few years ago almost inaccessible because of high cost and lack of specialized medical intervention today it came in the top three interventions applied in aesthetic medicine cabinets in the world and in U.S.A. in particular.
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These procedures are veritable punishment for lipsticks, especially for glosses. The latter were considered a makeup product indispensable from women’s’ purse, and now, it seems women do no longer need it.
Years have past, chemicals have changed, and the techniques have evolved. Here’s how:
– The first substances used were collagen and silicone, they were at risk of allergy (because of animal protein content) and should therefore be made before the intervention trials.
– Another variant and fat used is harvested from the same person, in this case to enlarge the lips intervention should be preceded by the extraction of fat from another part of the human body, which is a surgical procedure involving anesthesia and operating room.
– Thanks to technology evolution has phased out these substances, in front of others, newer and more efficient, synthetic origin, they are easily accepted by the body, do not give allergic reactions and the result obtained is very natural.
– Today the most modern and most used substance for increasing lip is hyaluronic acid; in each year is millions of lips enlargement surgery with hyaluronic acid. This acid is considered the true lipstick punishment, as women no longer use lipsticks to give the sensation of voluptuous lips.
– Another substance of very high quality for lip enlargement is calcium hydroxyapatite / radiesse with persistence of up to two years.
– In recent years have used to increase the volume of medical silicone lips and increase the results can be considered permanent.
For those who do not want to always have the same shape of the lips, the most famous specialists recommend to the remaining substances to be used no more than two years. Following the intervention gain a more sensuous lips, are outlined and more voluptuous. The effort is small; the result is spectacular and can see immediately, all intervention takes about 20 minutes, without analysis or hospitalization. The appearance will be obtained freshness and general facial rejuvenation. The entire face will radiate of beauty, freshness, and sensuality. By calling this method, you will give yourself a chance to become envied, admired, to be in the spotlight and the overall benefits of success change your appearance can be endless!11

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