Lionel Richie Wedding Love Songs

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Lionel Richie is a very good singer. He started his career in 1968 and he is still active. That is a lot of years of singing and performing. His concerts were expected by his fans with a lot of impatientce, because he always was amazing in live singing. I am sure you listened to some songs of him and I am sure you loved at least some of them. Mostly, his songs are about love or with a dedication for the person he loves.

His songs are lovely to be dedicated to women by the men they love. Lionel Richie‘s song lyrics are deep and touchy so if you are a man and want to dedicate a Lionel Richie song to a woman, be sure that she will be impressed by the beautiful nature of the songs.

Well, because of this, I am thinking of suggesting to you some Lionel Richie wedding love songs. As I was saying earlier about this artist’s music, that they are so nice, that sure means that we can find some Lionel Richie wedding love songs. You have here a short list of Lionel Richie wedding love songs. If you like them or if you want more of them to listen, then you can easily log in here and check the tracks there. You can pick whatever it sounds good to you to be used in wedding ceremonies and listen to them on Youtube.

Why? Well that is very easy: because it is not  chargeable and because Youtube has almost every song of every artist or band that ever existed and that you could ever think of. Also, if you decided to some Lionel Richie wedding love songs you can then buy. From where? That is again easy: there are websites such as Amazon, Buy or iTunes. They are cheap and they have very good quality songs. It is cheaper and more comfortable to order your music from the internet than going to music shops, don’t you think? Ok, so here you have the list with Lionel Richie wedding love songs.

“Ballerina Girl” – Lionel Richie – “Dancing on the Ceiling”, 1985

“Dance the Night Away” – Lionel Richie – “Renaissance”, 2001

“I Call It Love” – Lionel Richie – “Coming Home”, 2006

“Here Is My Heart” – Lionel Richie – “Renaissance”, 2001

“I’m in Love” – Lionel Richie – “Just Go”, 2009

“Stuck on You” – Lionel Richie – “Can’t Slow Down”, 1983

“Think of You” – Lionel Richie – “Just Go”, 2009

“Don’t You Ever Go Away” – Lionel Richie – “Renaissance”, 2001

“Forever and a Day” – Lionel Richie – “Just Go”, 2009

“Piece of My Heart” – Lionel Richie – “Renaissance”, 200111

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