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Wedding Invitations | June 10 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Your wedding plans will take some of your time and attention. Such an important moment deserves to be handled with care and with passion. That is why you look for the best materials and the best professionals. That is why you look for innovative solutions at old problems. The wedding invitations make no exception from this rule. These cards will be the first element of the wedding your guests will receive and it is only normal to want a great first impression. In other words, you don’t need just quality papers but also original designs. In this context the printing method counts very much. You will notice that more and more sites offer you the possibility to conduct your search according to the print type. The truth is that you have to think very well about the printer. You will learn that there are designs that go with certain printers and the other way around. So, a little bit of study prior can not hurt you at all. After all, you want to be fully informed before deciding one way or another.

letter from papercrave.com

From all these options, letterpress wedding invitations seem to be a great solution. The truth is that this method really values both the design and the colour combinations. More and more retailers dedicate wide displays to this particular type. Wedding Paper Divas is one of these retailers. They have managed to gather a couple of beautiful samples for you to consult. Most of these samples are fully customizable. In other words, they encourage you to leave a personal signature and not settle for something ordinary. Prices don’t go very high and the shipping conditions will not disappoint you. The site contains details on how to personalise, how to order and how to pay these cards. They will help you along the way as much as possible.

letterpress onewed.com

Letterpress wedding invitations truly look very well. It doesn’t matter what is the theme and the scenario. They range from modern and exuberant to formal and elegant. You will have to stop at the one that you like best. Simple and easy.11

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  1. Cindy

    June 29, 2011 at 6:29 am

    These are stylish invitations! I agree it doesn’t matter what is the theme and the scenario. They range from modern and exuberant to formal and elegant. If I will look better, all those seem like the royal invitations! Those letters engraved on the first page look like the ones at the royal houses in England!X Beautifully shaped, colored and engraved!


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