Lemon Wedding Centerpieces

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If you wish to make something different when it comes to your wedding centerpieces you could try lemons. This might sound odd but it will certainly be successful. This is a very cheap solution and it can be fun to make. These fruits will surely complete your country inspired theme for instance. You can fill up some tall vases with lemon slices or even full lemons. For a more modern look combine the lemons with some colored flowers. You can place some lemons at the bottom of a bowl and then add the flowers on top. You can do the same with some simple petals. These lemons can also be combined with some berries ort any other kinds of fruits that you want. This will help brighten up the table and mix things up a bit.

114762 lemon wedding centerpieces 2 Lemon Wedding Centerpieces

Lemon Wedding Centerpieces (Source: bios.weddingbee.com)

If you wish to opt for a more fun and playful style you should place the fruits into a basket. Go for some oranges, grapes, apples just to get a very colorful look. This combination will go perfectly for a summer inspired theme. If you wish you may add some funny smiley faces onto the lemons. This will surely make your guests smile. Candles are always a good idea when it come sot wedding. So use colorful ones next to your lemon centerpieces to achieve a romantic setting.

114762 lemon wedding centerpieces Lemon Wedding Centerpieces

Lemon Wedding Centerpieces (Source: hostedmedia.reimanpub.com)

You can even find some funny looking candles online which look like lemons. The internet can also be quite helpful in your search for new ideas. You can look at pictures , watch tutorials and see what other ideas come to mind. Lemons are very cheap and you can either choose real lemons or buy wax ones. They are very easy to arrange and they go well with any other fruits or decorations. The important thing is that you create the centerpieces based on your style and on your wedding theme. For a summer wedding, lemon centerpieces are an excellent choice. Use your creativity and ideas to incorporate these fruits into your table decorations. Experiment first and see what you come up with.



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