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Wedding Dresses | May 02 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

This article is for those of you who are planning a casual or a semi-formal wedding and wish to wear something simple, discreet and decent at the ceremony and reception. And for this type of wear perhaps the most adequate and inspired attire selections would be these beautiful Lea-Ann Belter wedding dresses that we’re presenting below on this page.


Lea-Ann Belter is one of the many fashion designers who create charming wedding gowns for the modern and classic brides who want to wear something relatively simplistic, clean and unassuming. Her dresses are elegant, refined and classic and we always recommend her collections to the casual or modest types of brides who don’t want anything too pompous, sophisticated or extravagant for the wedding day.


However, we must confess that despite the simplicity and naturalness of the style, her dresses look very fresh, innovative and romantic. They can make the perfect attire selection for mature or older brides who want to obtain a more decent, gallant, dandy and stylish look.


We also recommend these Lea-Ann Belter wedding dresses to the brides who are planning a second time wedding and wish to wear something age appropriate or more delicate, feminine and realistic. These dresses surely look like wedding dresses and this is what matters the most for a bride who is no longer in her twenties!


The exquisiteness of the cuts, the refinement of the details, the fluidity and naturalness of the lines and the classic feminine silhouettes are the elements that make these gowns look successful and easy to love! As we can see from the images, these models can look gorgeously well on beach or outdoors wedding ceremonies and receptions in general.


And if we are to consider that these precious creations were designed especially for the spring season, then we can only imagine just how soft and lightweight they must feel on the body. We know just how important the comfort-factor is for a bride who is planning a less formal wedding, and this is another reason for why we’ve decided to bring these impeccably white Lea-Ann Belter wedding dresses on our website.


The majority of the brides today are looking for the ideal wedding dress that can provide them with both a uniquely beautiful look and a practical feel. And these gowns are designed in such a manner that they can offer you both a chic look and a comfortable feel.11

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  1. verina

    May 05, 2011 at 11:51 am

    i also like the simplicity of the dresses. in fact, i find them perfect. they seem to be very comfortable, they have a more traditional lightly to modern line and the details are very feminine. in fact, i like it how the lines are so feminine and so fit for all types of silhouettes, not only for those sleek ones. i think that the way the dresses are presented transmits a very clear message: any bride who wants to look bright, feminine and chic at her wedding can wear a dress like these here. and i think the one with the lace covering the shoulders and neckline is the most beautiful dress here.


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