Latest Trends In Wedding Cakes

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Wedding cakes have become more and more fashionable during the time and these days it’s a real luxury and privilege to bring a modern, intricate, whimsical, elegant, artistic, inspired, creative, colored and multi-flavored wedding cake. Not just a simple wedding desert, the wedding cake is actually gaining more artistic and architectural since so many modern wedding cake designers started to create such wedding cake masterpieces.

The latest trends in wedding cakes state that anything can be haunted down and transformed into an edible wedding cake decoration symbol or topper. There are hundred of wedding cake themes, colors, flavors, shapes, decorative elements and original combinations that can be made out to get a unique, creative, stunning, striking, unforgettable, crazy and non-conventional wedding cake.

Anything you can think of can be incorporated into a modern and sophisticated or simple elegant wedding cake, from weird object, hobbies, favorite movie or carton characters or animated figurines, to different pets and insect figures. The latest trends in wedding cakes admit that the wedding cake must have a story to tell, a symbol to express, a cultural current to remember, a state of mind and spirit to evoke and it must definitely speak of the personal tastes, preferences, desires and visions of the couple.

The old styles are coming back and the modern wedding cake designers are ready to make the best of them and improve them as much as possible. Do you remember the classic and traditional buttercream wedding cakes? Well, it seems that they are coming back really fast, replacing the rolled fondant that managed to create so smooth and flawless wedding cake textures and designs.

With new techniques and methods, icing buttercream is turning into the new fondant, gaining the same smoothing and sleeking qualities. The buttercream wedding cakes have always tasted better and were more natural, healthy and fresher than the fondant wedding cake. And another essential advantage of the trendy buttercream wedding cakes is that they are more affordable and less expensive than the rolled fondant ones.

The latest trends in wedding cakes also say that the chocolate color and flavor are replacing for good the traditional white fruit wedding cakes that managed to keep the first place in top occupied. There are so many interesting, trendy and creative chocolate wedding cake designs, styles and shapes that can be created using this wonderful flavor.

Wedding cake designers are pleased to use all the blending types and shades of the chocolate since the range is very wide and generous. Among the most exciting, innovative and appealing colors for trendy wedding cakes are definitely the pink, blue, purple and burgundy shades. Blue is one of the most desirable hot colors for the wedding cake especially for those couples who are planning a beach wedding. Mini squared wedding cakes are also fashionable and popular among the latest trends in wedding cake designs.11

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