Lantern Wedding Aisle Decorations

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An outside wedding ceremony can be quite romantic by its nature, but it would not hurt for you to make some other attempts in order to emphasize this side of the event. The dusk is perfect from this point of view.

Nevertheless, if you want the aisle to be perfect as well, consider using lantern decorations to open and light up your path and your new life. And how many special offers you can get from specialized stores on this chapter!

lantern wedding aisle decorations Lantern Wedding Aisle Decorations

Lantern Wedding Aisle Decorations from

Natural attempts
Truth to be told, specialized stores will always be there for you, waiting for just a sign. The natural lanterns are the most special ones and you should give them a chance before all the others get into competition. What large and solid fruits can you turn into delightful lanterns? There are at least three of them that should cross your mind: pumpkins, watermelons or melons and coconuts. With coconuts can be a little harder because their peel is thick and rough and you need some strength to cut models in it. However, pumpkins are easy to work with and you can buy them in a few special colors – orange, cream and striped as in yellow and cream or cream and green. Feel free to express yourself and carve whatever motives you want. As for the watermelons and melons, follow the standard procedure, but consider using colored LEDs instead of candles.

Glass and plastic
Glass and plastic are two ingredients commonly used in the craft industry. Shop around or just surf the web and see what you can get. Painted glass with mosaic patterns for example or molten glass lanterns will give an elegant and sophisticated appearance of your shy late ceremony. Such lanterns usually have a thin metal holder that you can decorate with some other accessories.

lantern wedding aisle decorations 2 Lantern Wedding Aisle Decorations

Lantern Wedding Aisle Decorations from

What should you do?
First of all, make up your mind for how the aisle will look like. Are you going to keep the natural floor, add a special carpet or an aisle runner? Then, would you enjoy having the lanterns placed on certain distances one from another, on both sides of the aisle? If you do not like it this way, you can have round shaped paper lanterns hanging from the improvised pews instead of the popular pomander bouquets. Alternatively, you can set an arch of wrought iron, vines or just sculpted wood above the aisle runner and have the lanterns hang from it.


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