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Yellow is one of the colors of the moment in the organization of weddings. With full tones of optimism and joy, a wedding in yellow will bring good mood and energy among your guests. Whatever the flavor that your wedding cake will have, it also can be decorated with this color if you want to be in fashion.

When choosing your wedding color scheme you will have to establish at the very beginning how much of the color will be worn by the couple and how much will be the setting itself. In case of yellow you can include elements of the color in your outfits, a yellow ribbon will match your wonderful with your white dress, as well as a yellow bow tie for your groom. To balance the color palette of your wedding you should dilute yellow, a strong color. It will be indicated to rely on two non-colors black, for the groom and respectively white for the bride.

kroger wedding cakes Kroger Wedding Cakes

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When you decide from where you’ll order the wedding cake is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the bakery which will prepare it for you and deliver it on your wedding day. At Kroger prices are indeed a bit higher and are calculated based on the number of guests, composition and the design chosen by you. Surely you will not be disappointed by the collaboration with Kroger, because if you tell them know the exact details that you want your wedding cake to have, you will remain pleasantly surprised at the final by the result.

Their offer is varied and meets almost all preferences. You can also visit their website before taking a decision to convince yourselfwedding try to gear up to silver. Your bouquet will be made of various yellow flowers that you can combine with white and orange tones.

kroger wedding cakes 2 Kroger Wedding Cakes

Kroger Wedding Cake from

If you want to add a bit of a novelty to the bouquet you can choose a special clamping system, maybe a lace with a jewel or a pretentious material. It would be ideal that the location that hosts your party to have incorporated your color scheme white – yellow – black. If it’s not the case then you can bring a number of decorations to help you. For an outdoor wedding do not forget the colorful balloons and paper decorations, like the origami. It is very important that the colored decorations to be found scattered in the location to avoid the clutter of the color. Certainly yellow will make the desired effect and your wedding will be very energetic.11


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