Kids Taking Bath

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Preparing and actually having your children baths is not the easiest thing to do. You may think that only when they sleep and when they are in the bath you can have the peace you need to make your own work, but it is not like that. Children have to be supervised very carefully when they are in the bath and you should not leave them alone for a second if they are very young.
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The child’s aged between three and six years old daily bath should a relaxing, but also invigorating time. The hygiene skills are taught especially at this age, so you should not ignore this aspect of your child. Starting with the age of five, a child must be able to wash himself, is true, under supervision. It is best to have the bath before bedtime. The soap used in kids’ bath must be a very moisturizing one, which can hydrate his skin.


For the bath to be done with pleasure, the child will attend the opening of water and he will establish by himself the water temperature and quantity, which should not be too hot at about 36,5 to 38,5 ° C in winter and 35 to 37 ° C at summer time. After the child has entered the tub, he will be left to relax in the water. Then he will be soaped everywhere. With a nail brush nails and toes have to be cleaned. The deep cleaning of the kids’ skin is very important because at this age he is usually full of dust and dirt because of playing all the time outside. Having bath every day is also important, mostly after coming in form playing outside.

Once the child gets out of the water, he will be wrapped with a large towel, towel dried, well heated and out of natural material. After bath the child skin must be pink, clean and soft. Girls’ skin is more sensitive than the boys’ skin. For washing the girl’s face will be used a soft soap, moisturizer, or a special lotion from the pharmacy. In winter, when skin needs more moisture than ever you can apply a night cream, not very fat, in very fine layer on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.


From the ages of five and six years old when the child makes his bath himself and when spots appear on the face of ink, pen, crayons, accumulated dust or dirty during games, scrubbing is required at least once a day, but with a moisturizing soap, which tightens skin. Then the soap must be cleared up several times with much water, and the face cleaned. Kids’ bath at these ages will be much easier because they can do most of the things by themselves.11

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