Kenny Rogers Popular Wedding Songs

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When making the music selection the first thought about an artist is to have music suitable for the event, for the time and location.

As for the songs themes to be in general about love, slow songs, those related to weddings, to a life shared etc.

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But if being limited to only wedding songs, then you will need to recur just to some common songs. My point is to take an eye to various artists’ repertories and then judge in what measure will be suitable for you. Indeed as long as you don’t like an artist performances in general this time will be the same but today’s proposal comes with a famous name: Kenny Rogers and what popular wedding songs you can select from his wide list of options. As main music type he sings is country but pop style has its place too.  “I swear” is the first song to be counted in the list of a wedding. A love song as theme, it emphasizes the base of the whole wedding, the idea of this unity: coming with a promise for eternity – “I’ll be there” is the repeated lyric that comes to accentuate this point. In the same style and music expression is another song, called “The only way I know”, as a firm belief into the true, deep and sincere feelings which unites the couple. Along with this will come a heart’s desire to never be apart. As a divine eulogy brought to this unique event, in one of his songs Kenny Rogers mentions about the “Only once in a lifetime” experience. It is about the true love found.

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Kenny Rogers Popular Wedding Songs (source:

With such juicy, expressive and romantic love story putted in lyrics Kenny Rogers popular wedding songs are about all of his love themed music. One can select some of these for the groom’ first dance, for the last dance at the party, for any time as since speaking about the main life purpose: to love and be loved, to find the soul mate and share a life everything gets to be a wedding representative idea.11


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